HTY 415: African American History.

Instructor:  Professor Mary Freeman

Days /Time:  MWF, 9:00-9:50am

Location: North Stevens Hall 235

Description:  This course offers an introduction to African American history from the origins of the Atlantic slave trade through the late twentieth century. Focusing on themes of power and politics, the course explores the place of African Americans in society and culture over time. It also examines how racist ideology developed, and how it has changed in response to historical events.

Course topics include the rise and development of American slavery; the formation of free black communities; the Civil War and emancipation; Reconstruction; the Jim Crow era; the Great Migration; and the Civil Rights movement. The course concludes by examining events in the late-twentieth century including the War on Drugs and the rise of mass incarceration. We will consider the impact of these themes and events on shaping the experiences of African Americans and understandings of race in our society today.