HTY 312: Furs, Frontiers, and Fame: North American Exploration

Instructor: Carol Blasi

Time: TTH 9:30-10:45AM

Location: B 201

Course Number: 86492

Course Description: This course examines the identities, practices, and spaces of exploration in North America from the late fifteenth to the twentieth centuries. Different political, economic, scientific, and cultural motives for the exploration of Canada and the United States over time will be compared and contrasted. The experiences of Spanish, French, English, Russian, American, and Canadian explorers and expeditions will be situated in local, national, imperial, and global contexts. The course will broadly explore the themes of cross-cultural encounter, exploration and science, textual and visual representation, and the public commemoration of explorers and exploration.

General Education Requirements: Western Cultural Traditions and Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives.

Prerequisites: Three credits of History or permission of instructor.