HTY 311-0001: Research Seminar: Social Movements and Activism

Instructor: Freeman, Mary

Days/Time: Th 3:00 – 4:50 PM

Location: Stevens Hall 175

Course Number: 25172

Description: A writing intensive seminar that introduces students to the historiography and methodology of important themes in history. Its topics vary. This is a required seminar for all History majors as preparation for the Senior Seminar. Utilizing secondary and selected primary sources students will consider how historians construct different interpretative narratives of past events.

What ideas, rhetoric, and tactics do social movements share? How have power structures, institutions, and the general public responded to collective protests? This research seminar will introduce students to major questions and themes relating to the history of social movements and activism while offering practical training in the completion of an original historical research project. Touching on issues including student activism, race, class, gender and sexuality, public health, and environmental politics, the course will focus on North American and United States history, though students may broaden the geographical scope through their pursuit of individual research projects. No prior research experience or topical expertise is required.


General Education Requirements: Writing Intensive