HTY 113: Mediterranean World 1789 to Present

Instructor: Professor Kara Peruccio

Days/Time:  MWF 11:00-11:50am

Course Number: 83507

Location: Stevens 355

Description: Welcome to the Modern Mediterranean World! A crossroads of ideas and commerce, of empires, nations, and peoples, the Mediterranean has been part of key moments in world history. By focusing on this region, which includes the countries of Southern Europe and the Middle East, you will gain a perspective of the historical process in a set of societies which meet in between “East” and “West.” Within history, Mediterranean studies most often focus on the Early Modern Era (roughly 1400-1800). We will focus our attention on the late 18th century and finish in the 1960s. Often the “modern” Mediterranean is not viewed as a cohesive region. To counter this view, we will explore how different political, social, and cultural trends circulated throughout the great “Middle Sea” from the French Revolution to Italian unification to the First World War to the Algerian War of Independence. All sources, whether originally in French, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, etc., are in translation!

General Education Requirements:  This course does not satisfy any of the General Education requirements.