Recent Ph.D. Recipients (2005 to Present)

Martin, Edward: “The Prize Game in the Borderlands: Privateering in New England and the Maritime Provinces, 1775-1815.” (2014) University of Maine.

Penders, Anthony: “The Indian Head Experimental Farm and Forest Nursery Station, Indian Head, Saskatchewan: The Making of a Canadian Landscape.” (2013) Department of Communication Studies, Walla Walla Community College, Washington; Webmaster for current affairs website

Paton, John: “Intellectual and Political Resistance to the US Occupation of the Dominican Republic, 1916-1924.” (2013) State College of Florida; Hillsborough Community College, Florida; University of Southern Maine.

McCord, Thomas: “A House That’s Always Haunted: Urban Renewal in Bangor, Maine, 1945-1985.” (2013) University of Maine Augusta.

Dieuveuil, Harry: “The History of Professionalization and Collective Bargaining among Maine Nurses from 1900-1990.” (2013) System Director, Employee Career Center, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems.

Woodard, Jennie: “Beauty and Double Duty: Elizabeth Hawes and the Politics of Fashion and Women’s Work.” (2011) University of Maine. University of Maine Augusta, New England School of Communications.

Tijerina, Stefano: “A ‘Clearcut Line’: Canada and Columbia, 1892-1979.”(2011) Libra Professor of International Relations and of History, Economics and Political Science, University of Maine.

Turpie, David: “The Failure of Reunion: The South and Republican Foreign Policy, 1898-1902.” (2010) Chief Editor The Register, Kentucky Historical Society.

Pawling, Micah: “Petitions and the Reconfiguration of Homeland: Persistence and Tradition among Wabanaki Peoples in the Nineteenth Century.” (2010) Assistant Professor of History and Native American Studies, University of Maine.

O’Flaherty, Katherine: “Seeking the ‘The Mother of Exiles:’ A Cultural and Political History of American Refugee Policy in the Twentieth Century.” (2010) Honors Faculty Fellow, Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College.

Risk, Shannon: “’In order to establish justice:’ The Nineteenth-Century Woman Suffrage Movements of Maine and New Brunswick.” (2009) Assistant Professor; Director Public History Minor; Director, Women’s Studies, Niagara University.

Outwin, Charles: “Thriving and Elegant, Flourishing and Populous: Falmouth in Casco Bay, 1760-1775.” (2009) Southern Maine Community College; Historian of Cathedral Church of St. Luke, ECUSA, Portland, Maine.

Hildebrandt, Lori: “Mat Game: The Rise of American Wrestling.” (2009) Burlington County College, Pemberton, New Jersey.

Giguere, Joy: “’The dead shall be raised’: The Egyptian Revival and 19th-Century American Commemorative Culture.” (2009) Assistant Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania-York.

Shea, Mary Louise: “Determined Persistence: Achieving and Sustaining Job Satisfaction among Nurse Practitioners.” (2008) Assistant Professor of Nursing, University of Maine.

Okin, Mary: “’Madwomen’ in Quebec: An Analysis of the Recurring Themes in the Reasons for Women’s Committal to Beauport, 1894-1940.” (2008) University of Maine.

Lodge, Peter: “The United States Role in the Creation and Development of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.” (2008) University Maine Augusta.

Chandler, Abigail: “At the Magistrate’s Discretion: Sexual Crime and New England Law, 1636-1718.” (2008) Assistant Professor of History, University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

Buck, Paul II: “L’identité et l’altérité dans les programmes et quatre œuvres didcatiques d’histoire du Canada destinés aux écoles secondaires de langue française du Québec : 1955-1966.” [“Identity and Otherness in the Programs and Four Didactic Works of Canadian History Intended for Québec French-Language Secondary Schools : 1955-1967”]. (2008) Assistant Professor of History and Education, University of Maine Fort Kent.

Potts, Dale: “Woods Voices, Woods Knowledge: Work and Recreation in the Popular Literature of the Northeastern Forest, 1850-1963.” (2007) Assistant Professor of History, South Dakota State University.

Payne, Brian: “Fishing a Borderless Sea: Environmental Territorialism in the North Atlantic, 1818-1910.” (2007) Associate Professor of History, Bridgewater State University.

Morgan, Marilyn: “The ‘star-spangled channel’: Money, the Media, and Gender in Marathon Swimming, 1900-1936.” (2007) Lecturer in History and Director of the History and Archives Track in the History M.A. Program, University of Massachusetts at Boston.

Fliss, Susan: “Tool of Acculturation, outil de survivance: Education of French Canadians in Holyoke, Massachusetts, 1880-1920” (2007) Associate Librarian, Harvard College for Research, Teaching, and Learning; Librarian and Director, Harvard University Education School’s Gutman Library.

Dudley, Anu King: “What Was in the Doctor’s Bag?: A Material Culture Study of the Performance of Medicine in Antebellum New England.” (2007) Producer and Host of ‘Earthwise.’ WERU Community Radio, Blue Hill, Maine.

Alexander, Nancy Payne: “Keeping House: The Hidden Economy of Maine Coastal Women, 1850-1900.” (2006).

Eastman, Martha Anne: “’All for health for all’: The Local Dynamics of Rural Public Health in Maine, 1885-1950.” (2006) Pro-Elder Consulting, LLC, Bangor, Maine.

Risberg, Erica: “We broadcast what people want to hear”: Networks and Local Programming, WLBZ, Bangor, Maine, 1931 to 1945.” (2006) President, 360 Digital Interactive Storytelling Capsules; Owner, Shared Context Consultants; Owner, Voices by Erica, Portland, Oregon.

Carlson, Hans: “Home is the Hunter: Subsistence, Reciprocity, and the Negotiation of Cultural Environment among the James Bay Cree.” (2005) Interim Site Manager, Chewonki Foundation; Research and Project Director, Great Mountain Forest, an educational forest in Norfolk, CT.

Hawkes, Andrea: “The Life of Elizabeth McClintock Phillips, 1821-1896: A Story of Family, Friends, Community, and a Self-made Woman.” (2005) Executive Director of the Rufus Porter Museum & Cultural Heritage Center, Bridgton, Maine.