HTY 498 (002): Senior Seminar: Digital and Spatial History

Instructor:  Anne K. Knowles

Day/Time:  Tuesday, 4:00 – 5:50 p.m.

Course Number:  08128

Location: Stevens 310

Description:  The digital revolution is transforming the study of history. This seminar will explore how historians are using digital methods to re-examine the past, ask new questions, build historical websites, and make history more accessible to the public. We will particularly focus on spatial history, an approach that uses digital methods and mapping to study the spatial, or geographical, aspects of the past. For example, why did industry flourish in some places but not others? How did people’s sense of space change with the coming of the railroads? What role did terrain play in the speed of European conquest in the Americas? How did diseases spread? From what spaces were slaves, or women, or new immigrants excluded? What spaces did they make their own?

This class will stimulate your spatial awareness and strengthen your ability to contextualize historical events. It also gives you the opportunity to learn valuable skills that enrich research and can make you more competitive on the job market. Students will be encouraged to pursue their particular interests in the term research paper.

Prerequisites:  Restricted to history majors with senior standing; juniors by permission.

General Education Requirements:  Satisfies the Writing Intensive and Capstone Experience requirements.