HTY 213: History of the Maine Woods

Instructor: Professor Richard Judd

Days/Time: MWF 11:00-11:50 a.m.

Course Number: 46964

maine logging camp sawmillDescription: This course will survey the history of the Maine woods from prehistoric times to the present, describing the people and forces that shaped the forested landscapes of the state and the ways in which forests have impacted the culture and economy of Maine.  It will include the indigenous cultures that evolved in the region from post-glacial times forward and follow the European settlement frontier across the northern and western regions of the state.  Themes include warfare in forested environments, settlement and development, relationships between logging and Maine’s larger economy, tourism from Henry David Thoreau forward, the culture, literature, and folklore of the Maine woods; conservation ideas and approaches; and the future of the Northern Forest region.

General Education Requirements: Satisfies the Western Cultural Tradition and the Population and Environment requirements.