Jaqulin Wallace

Office Hours: By appointment.

Contact Info: gsgsecretary@gmail.com or 207-581-1011

Hometown: Woodbourne, NY, USA

Degree Program(s): BioPhysics, PhD

Year in School: 3rd year

Future Plans: Upon completion of my PhD, I will pursue a career in higher education working my way to the position of dean of a Liberal Arts and Sciences college. I also plan to be involved in science outreach for low-income families.

Hobbies/Fun Fact(s): I enjoy playing board games, going on road trips, and long days on the beach.

Where did you complete your undergraduate studies? I received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Physics & Astronomy from Alfred University in Alfred, NY, USA with concentrations in General Physics and Astronomy and a minor in Mathematics.

Are you also involved in other clubs/organizations? If so, which one(s)? I’m not currently involved in any organizations outside the GSG.

Why did you choose to be a part of the GSG? Since joining the GSG, I have enjoyed the atmosphere and the commitment senators have to their fellow graduate students. I felt that I had the opportunity to not only be involved in that atmosphere but to do more for graduate students outside my own department.

What is one goal you have for the GSG? Being a science advocate, a goal of mine is to reduce paper use by the GSG.