Jamie Peterson

E-mail:  jamie.peterson@maine.edu 

Program/Department: Ph.D. in Marine Biology / School of Marine Sciences

Why did you choose to be a senator? I became a GSG senator to better represent my peers and to help with issues important to them at the university-wide level.

How would you best serve your constituents?: I plan to serve my constituents by being available to them and representing them best during senate meetings.

Please tell us about your research or some fun facts about you?: My current research focuses on studying oysters, mussels, and other bivalves and their physiological responses to environmental conditions such as toxins and temperature stress. I am also heavily involved in Maine’s aquaculture industry and work on studying how bivalves perform as farmed species in Maine rivers.

How do you plan on communicating with your constituents? I am available by email at jamie.peterson@maine.edu or I can often be found in Murray Hall Rm 216/217