Each department must have a GSG representative attend at least 75% of the GSG Senate meetings during the current semester and the previous semester in order to qualify for funding.

 If a department does not have a representative or has a delinquent representative, anyone applying for grant funds must request that an exception be made. This request must be made in writing to the Grants Officer at least 2 weeks prior to the grant application deadline. After taking into account the circumstances surrounding the petitioner’s departmental attendance record, it is at the discretion of the Grants Officer to accept or reject the petition of the applicant. Once a decision is made, the Grants Officer must notify in writing the applicant who petitioned for the exception no later than one week after the request was made. In addition to notifying the applicant, the Grants Officer must notify the chair and the graduate coordinator that graduate students from this department are not eligible for GSG funding until a representative is appointed and meets the 75% attendance rule.

In addition, the Graduate Student Government will at the end of each semester publicize departmental attendance records and the names of departmental representatives.

Spring 2023 Attendance Record

Fall 2023 Attendance Record