Underlying principles of the program:

The following principles are reflected in the course material and in the teaching-learning activities of the Interprofessional Graduate Certificate Program in Gerontology:

  • Focus on the opportunities and challenges of aging and in working with older adults/caregivers.
  • Maintain a balance between wellness and illness.
  • Appreciate diversity in the aging population in terms of age, race, gender, sexuality, culture/ethnicity, abilities, and differences in life experiences.
  • Emphasize ethical principles in the care of older adults/caregivers.
  • Demonstrate interprofessional team approaches.
  • Recognize similarities and differences in gerontological practice in rural versus urban communities.
  • Enhance cross-generational learning between inexperienced students and those who have professional experience in care of older adults (enrollment will include current graduate students combined with seasoned practitioners).
  • Acknowledge the strengths and assets that the older adult brings to their relationships with others.
  • Include the voices and the lived experiences of older adults and caregivers in the learning experience.