Oil pipeline through a desert

Keystone/XL Pipeline Cancellation

On January 20th, 2020 construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline in the United States stopped in anticipation of President Joe Biden’s plan to revoke the construction permit for the project. This pipeline has been a hot button issue between those looking to curb fossil fuel usage and those wanting to further economic development (PBS). The previous two administrations showcased this division in thought with President Barack Obama rejecting the XL project and President Donald Trump providing the presidential permit for it to be constructed.

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Paris Climate Agreement art by Cienpies Design

The Paris Climate Conundrum

During the administration of the former president, Donald Trump, the United States had withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement. The official withdrawal from the agreement had occurred on November 4th, 2020 a year after the US began the process of withdrawing (BBC.) With the beginning of a new administration under president Joe Biden, the US once again chose to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. The process took 30 days to complete with the US finally rejoining the agreement on February 26th, 2021(NBC.)

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Black History Month Logo

Remembering Environmental Heroes

Black history month is a time for us to remember some of history’s forgotten or neglected figures, many of whom have been neglected simply because of the color of their skin. Black writers, researchers, teachers, heroes, etc. are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve.

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Seattle City Climate Pledge Arena

A Climate Power Play for the Seattle Kraken

On July 23rd, 2020 the NHL announced the name of it’s newest team, the Seattle Kraken (CBS Boston). This 32nd team will replace the Vegas Golden Knights, who became a team in June 2016, as the youngest team in the league (Britannica). The NHL is now tied with the NFL for most teams in their league out of the four major sports leagues in North America (NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB). Besides being the newcomer to the league the Seattle Kraken have already made a splash announcing the plans for their new stadium.

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