Black Bear profiles

Maggie Somers

Maggie Somers: Innovating for Maine

Maggie Somers is a December 2021 graduate from Bridgton, Maine. The marketing and media studies double major spent her summer as an intern at Portland Rising through the Innovate for Maine Fellows Program. Read Somers’ story online. Contact: Melanie Brooks,

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A photo of Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore: A career in banking

Ryan Moore graduated from the Maine Business School in 2005 with a major in Marketing. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in marketing with the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky. A native of Millinocket, Maine, Ryan is clearly the king of multitasking. “My undergraduate education gave me two things: my curiosity about marketing […]

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Grace Graham

Grace Graham: Summer audit internship leads to job after graduation

Grace Graham’s internship experience at BerryDunn is an excellent example of how a hard-working student can secure a job post-graduation. The accounting, finance, and financial economics major made a fantastic impression during her summer audit internship. She is excited to join the accounting firm as an employee in the spring of 2022. Read Graham’s story online. Contact: […]

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A photo of Jocelyn Cooper

Jocelyn Cooper: Perspectives on deep-sea coral research

Jocelyn Cooper of Boxford, Massachusetts, is a University of Maine senior majoring in marine sciences with a concentration in marine biology. She is a UMaine Center for Undergraduate Research-Maine Space Grant Consortium Fellow and Brooke Olson Award recipient, conducting research in the Waller Lab, led by associate professor Rhian Waller, at UMaine’s Darling Marine Center, […]

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Sarah Glatter

Sarah Glatter: Focused on a future in STEM 

Sarah Glatter always knew she would attend the University of Maine like her older brother and sister. While she hails most recently from Houlton, Glatter says she grew up “all over Maine.” She remembers visiting her brother on campus when he was studying chemical engineering. Her sister completed her degree in food science and human […]

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A photo of David Patrick

David Patrick: Working toward a more equitable community in Maine

David Patrick, MBS Class of 2016, is working toward a more equitable community in Maine. He is the co-founder of Racial Equity & Justice (REJ), a nonprofit and firm that provides consulting services and educational support based in Bangor. Read Patrick’s story online. Contact: Melanie Brooks,

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A photo of Isaiah Bedsoe

Isaiah Bedsole: Internship teaches aspiring marketer crucial SEO skills

While Isaiah Bedsole loved learning about marine science, he felt the tug toward marketing during his career at UMaine. He dove into completing a marketing minor in the Maine Business School and became enthralled with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). His summer internship with Mainely SEO gave him applicable skills for a future career in marketing. […]

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A photo of Angelina Buzzelli

Angelina Buzzelli: Addressing affordable housing shortage through additive manufacturing

Angelina Buzzelli, a University of Maine MBA student and Graduate Assistant at the UMaine Advanced Structures and Composites Center, is contributing research at the national level to address the shortage of affordable housing in the U.S. through innovative 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, technology. Buzzelli recently shared her research with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and […]

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