Black Bear profiles

A photo of Owen Libby in Denmark

Owen Libby: Longtime LEGO lover builds dream internship 

A courtyard statue of a LEGO minifigure was Owen Libby’s first impression of the time he would spend in Billund, Denmark. Past the statue, he walked into a concrete building adorned with massive toy-like bricks on the walls, roof and entryway. Inside was a towering atrium and green spiral staircase connecting four floors filled with […]

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A photo of Kimmy Chhoeuk

Kimmy Chhoeuk: Paving the way for future career in physical therapy

When she graduates from the University of Maine in May, Kimmy Chhoeuk of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, plans to go directly into a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. Although she’s not sure where she’ll continue her education, Chhoeuk — a kinesiology and physical education major with a concentration in exercise science and a minor in psychology […]

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Photo of Jane Blanchard

Jane Blanchard: Navigating a corporate environment at Unum

Interning at Unum gave Jane Blanchard of Hallowell, Maine first-hand experience in navigating a new type of workplace: the corporate environment.  Blanchard, a junior studying marketing and management at the Maine Business School, says that when she started her internship at the company, she had “quite the culture shock at first.” As she worked there, […]

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A photo of Jason Gil

Jason Gil: Broadening mind and opportunities at L.L. Bean 

If Jason Gil of Sanford, Maine had to describe his information services wholesale internship at L.L. Bean in one word, he would choose “exposure.”  Working for the retailer has introduced Gill, a senior at the Maine Business School, to many new aspects of technology, information services and business operation. The skills he learned through his […]

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A photo of Brady Kaelin

Brady Kaelin: Making every spore count

Brady Kaelin combines his passion for fungi and knowledge of the sciences to protect the mushrooms he loves. The senior majoring in botany with a professional writing minor is working alongside mentor Pete Avis, adjunct professor and cooperating faculty at the School of Biology and Ecology, to study fungal populations in southern Maine. Kaelin grew […]

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A photo of Molly Hale

Molly Hale: A scientific approach to preventing childhood brain injury

Molly Hale is using pediatric medical data to learn how brain injuries in children can be anticipated and prevented. The senior at the University of Maine was given a grant by the Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) to compare national data sets to find the connection between adverse experiences and brain injuries in children 12 […]

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A photo of Suzy Violette

Suzy Violette: Transforming classroom knowledge into real experiences

Suzy Violette has been building on the plant science knowledge she’s gained through her classes at the University of Maine by helping to conserve the natural resources in Glacier National Park in Montana. Violette, a nontraditional student majoring in environmental horticulture, spent this past summer repopulating the lost vegetation at the park’s Native Plant Nursery. […]

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