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Ruffled grouse

Study supports Maine’s current management practices for ruffed grouse hunting

Maintaining current hunting regulations for ruffed grouse will help ensure sustainable population management in the state, according to a new University of Maine study. Ruffed grouse live in Maine’s forests year-round and are popular quarry among hunters, including a substantial number of non-resident hunters who travel to Maine to pursue the birds each year. The […]

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Forestry workers in the woods

Team awarded $1.17M to help protect forest workers from tick-borne illnesses

A team of University of Maine researchers has been awarded $1.17 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop and test land management practices to protect Maine forest workers from exposure to tick-borne diseases. The three-year project, “Developing adaptive forest management practices to mitigate impacts of climate change on human health,” is being led […]

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Retired UMFK professor Steven Selva donates lichens to UMaine Herbarium

Thousands of specimens from the state’s largest collection of lichens, curated by world-renowned lichenologist Steven Selva at the University of Maine at Fort Kent, have been moved to the University of Maine Herbarium. Additional specimens from the collection are expected to be offered to the New York Botanical Garden. Read transcript Selva, a member of […]

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Sociologist uses Twitter to research criminological behavior online

In the modern era of social media, more than 300 million people use Twitter to share news and engage in online conversations. This provides a glimpse into the minds of a diverse public, making Twitter a useful tool for researchers to study people who sympathize and promote extreme violence. Karyn Sporer, University of Maine assistant […]

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Advanced Infrastructure Bridge Testing

Innovative bridge system exceeds expectations during testing

The University of Maine unveiled an innovative, rapidly deployable bridge system Thursday, July 12 at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center. Engineers, Maine Department of Transportation officials, business leaders, investors, researchers, staff and representatives from Advanced Infrastructure Technologies (UMaine’s licensee for the original “Bridge-in-a-Backpack”) attended the event, at which a composite bridge girder was strength-tested […]

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Fiske Guide news feature

UMaine named among ‘best and most interesting’ by 2019 ‘Fiske Guide’

The University of Maine is one of the more than 300 “best and most interesting” colleges in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland, according to the “Fiske Guide to Colleges 2019” out this week. The guide’s profile of UMaine notes that undergraduates “help themselves to a range of strong academic programs at a […]

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The secret life of lobster (trade): Could we be in hot water?

In a paper published in Frontiers in Marine Science, researchers, including lead author Joshua Stoll of the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences and the Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions, map the global trade routes for lobster and quantify the effect they have on obscuring the relation between those who catch the valuable crustacean […]

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Earth from space

Marine scientists to examine plankton in Pacific Ocean’s ‘twilight zone’

University of Maine scientists are part of an interdisciplinary research team equipped with advanced underwater robotics and analytical instrumentation that will set sail in August from Seattle to the northeastern Pacific Ocean. They’ll examine the life and death of plankton — microscopic organisms that are the base of the ocean food web and play a […]

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Call for submissions by new Franco-American journal Résonance

Résonance, a new digital, curated Franco-American literary journal that will showcase, distribute and encourage creative works by established and emerging writers, is accepting submissions for its inaugural issue. The journal, which will be published in the University of Maine’s Digital Commons, is intended to provide a literary outlet for the cultural work of Franco-American and […]

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