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Seaweed research in a lab

Nayak part of international team investigating health benefits of processed seaweed

Seaweed, which is gaining popularity as a superfood in the United States, has several health benefits, but whether they are retained in products that have been processed in different ways remains unclear.  Research by an international team including the University of Maine aims to develop and optimize processing and preservation techniques for seaweed to retain […]

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Mother and baby

Opioid-dependent mothers have reduced social neuropeptide levels, give fewer gentle touches to babies

Mothers being treated for opioid-dependency showed impaired responsiveness and sensitivity to their babies, compared to mothers not dependent on opioids but similar in socioeconomic and lifestyle factors.  The opioid-dependent mothers’ sensitivity deficits were associated with reduced oxytocin (OT) release. OT, which is made in the hypothalamus of the brain, is normally released during mothers’ interactions […]

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Study finds season an important factor in soil microbe sampling

Soil bacterial communities influence crop success and agricultural sustainability by interacting with plants in a variety of ways, from exchanging nutrients to influencing plant susceptibility to infection. Sue Ishaq, an assistant professor of animal and veterinary sciences in the University of Maine’s School of Food and Agriculture, recently participated in a project that examines how […]

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Islam Hafez

Hafez to develop nanocellulose-based system to remove arsenic from drinking water 

Islam Hafez will develop a nanocellulose-based point-of-use purification system that removes arsenic from drinking water. The United States Department of Agriculture awarded the postdoctoral researcher in the School of Forest Resources at the University of Maine $132,403 for the two-year project. The university is contributing $67,216 toward the project. “I like my work to be […]

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What’s it like on Everest? Find out Nov. 15 from CCI researchers 

Six University of Maine explorers will talk about their experiences participating in the most comprehensive scientific expedition ever conducted on Mount Everest. A free, public panel discussion, “The University of Maine’s Role in the National Geographic and Rolex’s Perpetual Planet Extreme Expedition to Mount Everest,” will be held 1:45–2:45 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15, in the […]

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UMaine to offer MBA discount for Maine employers

The University of Maine Graduate School of Business will offer 12% tuition discounts toward the MaineMBA beginning January 2020.  The Workforce Partners Program, which is available to active members of any Maine chamber of commerce, improves access and affordability toward completion of the MaineMBA.  According to recent studies, over the past year, Maine had more […]

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EEDC Machine Tool center

UMaine receives $1 million pledge from Pratt & Whitney for engineering center

A $1 million pledge from Pratt & Whitney for the E. James and Eileen P. Ferland Engineering Education and Design Center (Ferland EEDC) was announced on Friday, Oct. 25, as part of University of Maine Homecoming Weekend by College of Engineering Dean Dana Humphrey and University of Maine Foundation President Jeff Mills. Pratt & Whitney […]

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The Maine question podcast logo

UMaine launches ‘The Maine Question’ podcast

The University of Maine has launched its podcast “The Maine Question.”  Host Ron Lisnet talks with UMaine pioneers, including those who explore backyard gardens, the depths of the oceans, Earth’s highest peaks, or beyond.  They’ll share why they’re passionate about their research and what it means for Maine and the world. In the inaugural episode, […]

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