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A plum tree in an orchard

Boosting plum production in Maine

University of Maine researchers are working to bring locally grown plums to farm stands around the state. The two-year project — funded by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry — is identifying suitable plum varieties for Maine’s climate that would help diversify the state’s apple farms. The project is a joint collaboration between […]

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New lab allows education students to teach virtual classroom of avatars

Education majors at the University of Maine will soon have the opportunity to teach in front of a virtual classroom of avatars in preparation for doing their student teaching in Maine schools. The new lab will enable students in UMaine’s College of Education and Human Development to teach five avatars controlled by professional technicians and […]

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Climate change graphic

Climate surprises possibly in store for Antarctica, say Mayewski, Birkel

Two different climate scenarios appear plausible for Antarctica in the 21st century, says Paul Mayewski, director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. An examination of climate models as well as records of climate change developed through ice cores reveal a potential for future climate surprises in the Southern Hemisphere, he says. […]

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Public acceptance, support of climate policies focus of study

As climate policies evolve through the legislative process, public acceptance and support may change, as well. A recent study conducted by a team of University of Maine researchers found that even though acceptance is an important process through which policy perceptions and economic ideology influence support, acceptance doesn’t always lead to support. Through a national […]

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Environmental horticulture major benefiting from Upward Bound Program

When Phil Buchstaber graduates from the University of Maine in spring 2016, he will be the first person in his family to step off the stage holding a college diploma. He credits much of his success to the Upward Bound program. Buchstaber will attend Upward Bound’s 50th anniversary reunion at the University of Maine on […]

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Upward Bound celebrates 50th anniversary Aug. 8 at UMaine

Dr. Betty McCue-Herlihy will attend Upward Bound’s 50th anniversary reunion at the University of Maine on Saturday, Aug. 8 to celebrate the organization’s power to change lives. It did hers. Growing up in the 1960s, McCue-Herlihy says her family was poor. She, her nine siblings and their wonderful parents lived in a home without indoor […]

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