Tick Identification and Pathogen Testing Services

Researcher removing tick from vial  to test for pathogens in the lab

University of Maine Cooperative Extension Tick Lab

Maine residents can submit ticks for identification and pathogen testing to The University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service tick laboratory. This service should not be used for medical decisions. For medical-related questions, you should consult with your primary care physician or other health expert. There is a small fee for this service.

Tick Report

Tick Report is another organization that offers comprehensive pathogen testing of submitted ticks. They can test for multiple bacteria and virus pathogens. Rates start at $50 per submission.

Vector-Borne Diseases in Maine

Click on the following links to read the Maine CDC’s fact-sheets on vector-borne diseases present in Maine.Relative sizes of all life stages of blacklegged ticks, lone star ticks, and dog ticks

Tick-borne Diseases

Lyme Disease


Powassan Encephalitis


Borrelia Miyamotoi


Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever*

*Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is not thought to currently be present in Maine, though states to the south have it. Maine is monitoring for the potential introduction of this disease.

Mosquito-borne Diseases

Eastern Equine Encephalitis

West Nile Virus

Jamestown Canyon Virus

Emerging Ticks of Interest

Asian Longhorned Ticks

Asian longhorned ticks were first discovered in the United States in 2017, and are now found across at least twelve states. They are not currently in Maine, but it is possible their range may expand into the state.

Lone Star Ticks

Although much less common than other ticks in Maine, the lone star tick can now be found in Maine. It is currently found in Southern and Coastal Maine and is capable of transmitting a number of diseases.

Magnified image of all life stages of lone star ticks