Scott Collins

Professor of Chemistry

Appointments: Cooperating Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Cooperating Professor of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology

Address: 5708 ESRB-Barrows, Room 157
Telephone: 207.581.2269

Research Overview

Education: 1980  Ph.D. Brigham Young University

Professor Collins did a postdoctoral year in the Department of BioEngineering, University of Utah where he pioneered the emerging field of micro chemical sensors. In 1981 he joined the research staff at Abbott Corporate Laboratories in their diagnostics division developing micro sensor based clinical assays. From 1984-86 Prof. Collins visited the Swiss Centre for Microelectroniques in Neuchtel Suisse to transfer microsensor technology to the Swiss national microfabrication effort. In 1986 Prof. Collins returned to the US to start an international consulting company in chemical sensors and microfabrication, and he served as CEO until 2002. In 1992 he accepted an Adjunct Associate Professor position at the University of California, Davis, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering where he established the MicroInstruments and Systems Laboratory and served as co-Director until 2003. In 2002 Prof. Collins transferred to the University of Maine

Professor Collins’ research interests include the design, fabrication, and development of MicroInstruments, MicroSystems, and NanoDevices across all disciplines; electrochemical characterization of electronic materials; and fractal phase transitions. Below are listed some specific research interests.

  • Optical/Microrobotic Systems
    • Fourier Transform Spectrometers
    • Optomechanical Components
    • Linear Translational Stages
  • MicroMNR Spectroscopy and Imaging
    • Helmholtz Micro coils
    • NMR Spectrum of Acetic Acid
  • High Speed Nanopore Gene Sequencing
  • Aerodynamics and Aerospace Applications
    • “Gurney” Microtabs for Airfoils
    • Recirculation Airflow for Microtabs
    • Airfoil with Microtabs
  • Microinstruments for Cellular Characterizations
    • Cellular Culture and Testing
    • Cytology Micro Workstation
    • Cellular Assembly Line

Recent Publications:

  • J. C. Bolton, R. Bayer, R. Bushway, S. D. Collins, B. Perkins, Analytical and Semi-Preparative HPLC Analysis And Isolation Of Hemocyanin From The American Lobster (Homarus Americanus), Journal of Shellfish Research, 33:1, (2014), 11-17
  • J. Duy, R. L. Smith, S. D. Collins and L. B. Connell, “Rapid colorimetric detection of the fungal phytopathogen Synchytrium endobioticum using cyanine dye-indicated PNA hybridization”, American Journal of Potato Research, Marrch 18, 2015, DOI: 10.1007is12230-015-9450-z
  • Z. R. Smith, S.D. Collins and R.L. Smith, The Cathodic Behavior of Ru(byp)3+2 on Glassy Carbon Electrodes in Aqueous Solutions, Analytica Chimica Acta.
  • J. Millis, L. Connell, S. D. Collins and R. L. Smith, A Microfabricated, Flow Driven Mill for the Mechanical Lysis of Algae, Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, MEMS 2015 , Portugal, January 2015, 4 pgs

Updated: August 2020