Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Network (SEANET)


Aquaculture, the farming of finfish, shellfish, and aquatic plants, can help Maine, the nation, and the world to feed a growing population while creating economic development. Sustainable ecological aquaculture (SEA) aims to balance best management practices and social concerns with the health of the coastal ecosystem and wild fisheries while creating an economically viable aquaculture industry. Maine EPSCoR at the University of Maine received a five year, $20 million grant from the National Science Foundation to establish the Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Network (SEANET) and build a network of interdisciplinary researchers along the coast of Maine to help advance sustainable ecological aquaculture (SEA) and support marine STEM sciences in Maine’s K-12 curricula.

By creating sustainable aquaculture infrastructure, expertise, and collaborations, SEANET aims to establish a lasting network of researchers whose goal will be to inform regulators, investors, new and current aquaculturists and the public on the best available science in sustainable aquaculture.

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