Maine STEM Collaborative – Unconference Sessions Transcriptions

Name of Presenter(s): Fran Rudoff, Executive Director, KIDS Consortium
Topic of Presentation: School/Community Partnerships: How do we make STEM engaging, relevant, and connected to real problems in Maine and our communities? How do we move schools from traditional to project-based curriculum?

Name of Presenter(s): Doug Bishop, Tripp Middle School and Tim Vrabel, Efficiency Maine
Topic of Presentation: Teaching personal energy production in the schools: energy efficiency and STEM

Name of Presenter(s): Tara Treichel, Coastal Studies for Girls
Topic of Presentation: Girls and STEM + Girls with Disabilities and STEM Maine Girls Collaborative Project: Resources for teachers/groups to work with girls. (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): Tom Keller
Topic of Presentation: Framework for K-12 Science Education and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards): What gives? (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): Dr. Ron Brown, IEEE and Pete Mickleson, engineer
Topic of Presentation: Engineering resources. Now available FREE online resources in engineering: Newsletters, lesson plans, monitors, speakers, and more. AND “Tell me about engineering”

Name of Presenter(s): Lori Safford, Hampden Academy biology teacher
Topic of Presentation: What if you are the only teacher in your school doing STEM? How to collaborate within a school community.

Name of Presenter(s): Mary Ellen Tracy
Topic of Presentation: STEM in the Middle: How do we do more to excite students about STEM at the middle level?

Name of Presenter(s): Sara Taddeo, Abby Pearson, and Alan Kurtz
Topic of Presentation: Outreach to challenged populations (LD, socioecomic): Center for Community Inclusion & Disability (University of Maine) (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): Jerry Pieh and Jan Mokros
Topic of Presentation: The Reach Center: Supporting promising students in STEM

Name of Presenter(s): Susan McKay/Mike Whitman
Topic of Presentation: Building partnerships across districts: Experiences and more from the Maine Physical Sciences Partnership

Name of Presenter(s): Susan McKay/Mike Whitman
Topic of Presentation: Building collaborative communities of practice: Experiences and examples from the Maine Physical Sciences Partnership

Topic of Presentation: What can research institutions do to help schools integrate their research into a school’s existing curriculum?

Topic of Presentation: Increasing access to wind energy education in schools, and in installing wind turbines at schools, i.e., “Wind for Schools” (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): Elizabeth Ehrenfeld
Topic of Presentation: SMCC Cellular Biology Opportunities for High School students (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): Sheila Pendse
Topic of Presentation: How can Higher Education benefit K-12 education?

Name of Presenter(s): Tom Bickford
Topic of Presentation: Using robotics to teach and inspire elementary, middle and high school students in STEM areas.

Name of Presenter(s): Mary Whitten, Gus Goodwin, Paul Wlodkowski (Maine Maritime Academy), Yelena Meadows (Maine Maritime Academy), Beth Fisher (Mid-west School of Technology)
Topic of Presentation: Connections between STEM, Science Frameworks, regular classroom, engineering classroom, and tech ed classroom. AND alignment of mathematics to career and tech ed.

Name of Presenter(s): Ron Cantor, SMCC President and Jean Moon
Topic of Presentation: Presenting their current project on STEM, Sustainability, & Science Policy — Connecting secondary and post-secondary education (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): Sally Loughlin, MSAD #51
Topic of Presentation: MSAD #51 – Ideas for starting change (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): Andrew Schoenberg, Southern Maine Community College
Topic of Presentation: Bring real world STEM speakers/BIX into the classroom (meet and network); Try to figure out how to marry industry and academia: two different sides of the brain.

Name of Presenter(s): Bill Belcher, Texas Instruments
Topic of Presentation: Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs): What role do RCTs play in testing and identifying effective STEM teaching approaches?

Name of Presenter(s): Phil Griswold, UMaine Farmington and Bob Knech
Topic of Presentation: The college science and math curriculum for elementary teachers is modest at best. What kind of post-BS/BA education would contribute to more content knowledge and understanding? Teacher prep: Where should we be going?
Name of Presenter(s): Share Templeton and Laurette Darling
Topic of Presentation: Connections to Support Stem Learning at K-6 (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): Emily Higgins Boothbay Region High School
Topic of Presentation: How do we encourage students to continue on with computer science? (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): John Newlan, Eddie Miles, Jim Moulton
Topic of Presentation: STEM and digital citizenship: What critical connections need to be made between STEM and Digital citizenship? Let’s Blog: connecting teachers within an online community (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): John Marshall (WBIT)
Topic of Presentation: “MEST Up”: Creating the nation’s first STEM game show for high school students right here in Maine on WPXT-TV. (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): Luke Shorty. Maine School Science and Math
Topic of Presentation: Creative Calendars: How to restructure the school calendar to help facilitate partnerships with businesses, schools, and organizations. (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): Ryder Scott and Drew Dumsch
Topic of Presentation: The Maine Environmental Literacy Plan: Ecology, Sustainability, and Systems Thinking. An update and high-level ideas.

Name of Presenter(s): Whitney King
Topic of Presentation: Lake Bio Geo Chemistry: integrating public data into ecology, chemistry, physics, and engineering curricula.

Name of Presenter(s): Henry Inguerson and Sally Plourde
Topic of Presentation: STEM Education in primary/elementary grades when math and ELA are supported but not STEM. Ideas: Teaching elementary teachers to teach science/inquiry. (PDF)

Name of Presenter(s): Tom Tracy
Topic of Presentation: Elements of a comprehensive plan to improve math education K-12 in Maine (PDF)