TaskStream-TK-20 Information

The College of Education uses TaskStream-Tk20 as a comprehensive online data management system for all Academic Programs related to teacher or administrator certification. Students enrolled in any of these programs are required to purchase an account with Taskstream-Tk20. This account will enable them to complete Key Assessments, build professional portfolios, and provide information regarding field experiences, student teaching and administrative internships.

There is a one-time $109.99 fee for a TaskStream-Tk20 account, which will be applied in Maine Street once a student starts a term in a participating program. The account will be active for four years after the date of activation.

TaskStream-Tk20 will offer Full Refunds for student accounts which are unused within 21 days of activation. Accounts are activated in the second week of each term.

For All TaskStream-Tk20 account and billing issues please send an email to Jared Beal at jared.beal@maine.edu to discuss the issue.

If you need further assistance, please contact or visit the Tk20 Help Desk located in room 146 of Shibles Hall • Phone: 207.581.2417 • Email: jared.beal@maine.edu.