Volunteering Information

The College of Education and Human Development at UMaine is committed to preparing graduates to engage in ethical conduct, reflective practice, meaningful inquiry, and data-driven decision making, so that they grow as leaders within their professions.  We strongly encourage all COEHD students to be engaged in learning experiences with diverse populations beyond their required courses which will enhance their knowledge and allow them to practice the skills and dispositions needed to become contributing members of our diverse society and leaders in their professions.  Therefore, all students in the COEHD are encouraged to participate throughout their educational careers at the University of Maine in field-based learning experiences and volunteer opportunities with people of diverse backgrounds from their home communities or other communities, as well as in the communities around UMaine.

Students will be expected to upload all field experience information during their time at UMaine to the Tk-20 Unit Assessment System for tracking purposes to ensure that students encounter varied and diverse field opportunities while completing their educational program at UMaine.