Field Experiences and Student Teaching

Field Supervision Placement Map
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Teacher Candidacy

EDG 400/CHF 304 Field Placement Information:  The Office of Academic and Student Services works diligently to place teacher candidates with qualified mentor teachers in schools that are in close proximity to the University of Maine for this field experience.  Most teacher candidates will be taking several methods courses along with this field experience course, so being fairly close to campus is necessary.  We also want to ensure that teacher candidates have every opportunity to have a successful experience as they prepare for their student teaching semester.

Student Teaching (STT 490/STT 491/CHF 424/STT 499/STT 494) Placement Information:  If a teacher candidate completes their previous field placement in “School A with Teacher A”, the teacher candidate may only do one student teaching placement with that teacher. A second placement will be sought with another teacher and/or another school or school district. It is critical that we prepare students for a variety of teaching experiences and for their futures as professional educators whether in Maine, in another state or in another country. Because we are accredited by the state of Maine and NCATE/CAEP, we MUST meet guidelines related to their standards for student teaching.

During the student teaching semester, teacher candidates follow their host school’s calendar and begin their student teaching on the first professional development day that is typically the first teacher day. Therefore, CAMPUS HOUSING may not be available unless the candidate has made previous arrangements with the Housing Department.

 Guidelines for Field Placements include:

  • Only one student teaching placement will be allowed with a previous field placement mentor.
  • Varied grade spans over the course of several field experiences is a necessity.
  • Student teaching placements are strongly discouraged in a school you formerly attended (especially at the high school and middle school levels).
  • Student teaching placements are not permitted in schools where family members work or where the student teacher’s children or close family members attend.
  • Our goal is to place teacher candidates in schools with the following populations if at all possible:
    • Broad socio-economic status
    • Racial, ethnic and cultural diversity
    • English Language Learners (ELL)
    • If we are unable to meet all of the placement goals of the previous bullet, we strongly encourage teacher candidates to take advantage of the many volunteer opportunities offered throughout their program to ensure that they have ample opportunities to experiences as many types of diversity as possible, whether in the classroom, the university community or the greater Maine community.

Requests for distance placements (including the Portland cohort and international placements): These requests must come to the Office of Academic and Student Services in a timely fashion, especially if being considered for an international student teaching placement as there are deadlines that must be met. The Academic and Student Services director:

  1. Reviews the teacher candidate’s request for distance placement.
  2. Meets with the student to discuss the request.
  3. Has the teacher candidate contact the Office of International Programs in Winslow Hall to discuss the various opportunities available to student teachers, discuss budget, and begin the application process for that office.
  4. Makes a tentative decision (pending faculty recommendations and other eligibility criteria as outlined in the student teaching application) regarding the request by reviewing the teacher candidate’s previous field experiences and course work.
  5. Upon submission of all distance placement materials, the director of Academic and Student Services notifies the teacher candidate of final decision regarding the distance placement request; not all requests are approved.  If request is approved, the following steps apply.
  6. The teacher candidate interviews with the Internship Coordinator.
  7. The placement process proceeds.