Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is required to have a laptop?

A. Students enrolled in the MAT program, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Early Childhood Education (Teacher Certification option), and Kinesiology and Physical Education (Teacher Certification option), are required to have a laptop. Exemptions to the laptop requirement include: Child Development/Family Relations (non-teaching option), KPE Athletic Training and Exercise Science options.

Q. What if I already have a laptop and it is not an Apple?

A. Students entering teacher education programs with the College of Education and Human Development in the fall of 2012 will need to obtain the designated hardware and software prior to the Fall 2012 semester. Students entering these programs in Fall 2012 must have an Apple MacBook Pro as first-year students. Faculty members emphasize the importance of having this important tool in order to prepare for teacher candidacy.

Q. How does the policy affect students enrolled in another UMaine college in a major leading to teacher certification, such as Music Education or Art Education, or a minor in Education?

A. The laptop policy applies only to students enrolled in the College of Education and Human Development in programs leading to teacher certification.

Q. What if I have an Apple laptop that meets or exceeds the College’s hardware specifications, such as a PowerBook?

A. The Computer Connection offers a “software only” bundle or individual software titles for people who already have an appropriate Apple laptop.

Q. When do I need to have my laptop?

A.First-year students need their laptops the first day of classes. Readmitted or transfer students to the College will need their laptops after passing teacher candidacy and entering their upper-level education courses.

Q. Where can I purchase the laptop and required software?

A. You may purchase the laptop and required software at a discounted rate through the Computer Connection. Students can also purchase their laptop directly from Apple Computer, Inc. on-line but will not receive a discounted rate or eligibility to the loaner program.

Q. Why is an Apple strongly recommended?

A. Apple software is specifically designed for educational use and innovation. While it is possible to find a less expensive computer, Apple provides a stable flexible, and high quality platform for technology integration. Additionally, Apple laptops prepare pre-service teachers with the tools they will encounter in Maine schools and across the country.

Q. What is the cost of the designated hardware and software?

A. As of July, 2012 the approximate price for an Apple MacBook Pro from the Computer Connection is $1099.  Please visit www.aquaminds.com for purchasing the required NoteShare Software. Other available recommended items include Targus Sport backpack: $59 or an Incase sleeve: $29.95. An optional 3-year AppleCare Protection Plan may be purchased with your MacBook Pro for $183.  There is also an alternative to the AppleCare protection plan offered by the Computer Connection.  The optional 3-year UMaine Accidental Protection Plan may be purchased with your MacBook Pro for $299.  For more specifics on the two plans please contact the Computer Connection at the contact information found at the bottom of this page.

Q. How can I afford to purchase a laptop?

A. We worked very hard to keep the cost of the laptop as low as possible. If you need help purchasing the laptop, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 207.581.1324 to discuss your options.

Q. What can I do about insuring my laptop?

A. Many homeowners’ policies include provisions for insuring personal property of students who are away at school. Check with your insurance agent for details. If you purchase the 3-year AppleCare Protection Plan or the 3-year UMaine Accidental Protection Plan please refer to the guidelines of those two warranties.

Q. If I have problems with my computer, where do I find help?

A. Both the AppleCare Plan and the UMaine Accidental Protection Plan (purchased separately) includes a 3-year maintenance plan. Technical support is available from UMaine’s Information Technologies division, which includes a Help Center and computer repair services. If the problem warrants, the machine can be sent to a regional Apple repair center.

Q. What do I do if my computer is out of commission for a few days?

A. Any student who purchases a computer through the Computer Connection is eligible for the laptop loaner program (Contact Vi Thai, 5766 Shibles Hall Rm 35, 207-581-2478).

Q. If I am a student in the College of Education and Human Development in a non-certification program, can I take advantage of the Apple MacBook Pro purchase discount?

A. Yes. Computer Connection is offering the discount to any student – undergraduate or graduate – enrolled in any program in the College.

Helpful Contacts:
Computer Connection: 207.581.2580 or 1.800.261.5543
Information Technologies: 207.581.1602
IT Help Center: 207.581.2506 or 1.866.560.6280