Faculty Research

Child and Family Studies

  • Ian Cameron, Lecturer in Human Development and Family Studies
    Expertise: Adolescent development; adult development and aging; thanatology (death studies); family relations.
  • Sandy Caron, Professor of Family Relationships
    Expertise: Sexual decision making; contraceptive use; safer sex; sexual assault; sexuality education; cross-cultural perspectives on human sexuality; peer sexuality education
  • Patrick Cheek, Visiting Assistant Professor in Human Development and Family Studies
    Expertise: Family systems and relationships
  • Renate Klein, Associate Professor of Human Development & Family Studies
    Expertise: Psychology, gender and violence

Counselor Education

  • Annette Nelligan, Lecturer in Counselor Education
    Expertise: Group counseling; multicultural and international counseling; school and mental health counseling

Curriculum & Instruction

  • Rebecca Buchanan, Assistant Professor of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
    Expertise: Teacher identity; professional development; school reform; literacy and language; qualitative methods and discourse analysis
  • Vanessa Klein, Assistant Professor of Education
    Expertise: Environmental education; science education; STEM; 4-H
  • John Maddaus, Associate Professor of Education (Emeritus)
    Expertise: Social context of education; student diversity; secondary education; student access to post-secondary education; teacher research; pre-service teacher education; rural education; teaching Native American history and culture
  • Tammy Mills, Assistant Professor of Education
    Expertise: Preparation of teachers for culturally and linguistically diverse K-12 student populations; poverty, equity and education; community-based teacher preparation; relationship between professional educators’ knowledge, inquiry and practice; qualitative research methods
  • Asli Sezen-Barrie, Assistant Professor of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
    Expertise: Science education; climate change education; preservice and beginning teacher science teaching
  • Bryan Silverman, Lecturer in Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
    Expertise: Education and identity

Early Childhood & Early Childhood Education

  • Margo Brown, Lecturer in Child Development and Family Relations and Coordinator of the Katherine Miles Durst Child Development Learning Center
    Expertise: Early childhood and early childhood special education
  • Julie DellaMattera, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Development
    Expertise: Early childhood education; child development; leadership; early education policy; antisocial behaviors; math/numeracy
  • Mary Ellin Logue, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
    Expertise: Early childhood education; social development; teacher preparation; play; early intervention

Educational Leadership

  • Richard Ackerman, Professor of Educational Leadership
    Expertise: Organizational development; leadership development; school culture; interpersonal dimensions of leadership
  • Catharine Biddle, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
    Expertise: Rural communities and school relationships
  • Ian Mette, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
    Expertise: School reform and instructional leadership

Higher Education

  • Elizabeth Allan, Professor of Higher Education Leadership
    Expertise: Campus diversity; gender equity in higher education; campus and classroom climates; hazing; policy discourses; feminist theory
  • Kathleen Gillon, Visiting Assistant Professor, Higher Education
    Expertise: Access and equity in higher education; geography’s role college access for marginalized students; qualitative explorations of gender, geography and community capital and how these factors influence post-secondary educational opportunity for rural college students
  • Leah Hakkola, Lecturer in Higher Education
    Expertise: Diversity discourses in higher education; recruitment and admissions

Human Development & Educational Psychology

  • Sid Mitchell, Associate Professor of Education
    Expertise: Cognitive processes in attributions; control; expectations; motivation and self-regulation; cyber-bullying; cognition and instruction; scale development and assessment of individual differences

Kinesiology & Physical Education

  • Jun-Hyung Baek, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
    Expertise: Instructional technology integration in physical education; effectiveness of integrating technology into physical edcuation and sport settings
  • Lauren Jacobs, Lecturer in Kinesiology and Physical Education
    Expertise: Outdoor education; recess; team sports and games
  • Robert Lehnhard, Professor of Education
    Expertise: Exercise physiology; cardiovascular physiology; metabolic support of exercise and growth
  • Jennifer McNulty, Lecturer in Kinesiology and Physical Education
    Expertise: Health education pedagogy/methodology; health promotion and disease prevention; community health; health profession supervisor
  • Chris Nightingale, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Athletic Training
    Expertise: Athletic training; mentoring; physical education pedagogy
  • Sherrie Weeks, Athletic Training Program Director
    Expertise: Electrotherapy; ultrasound; musculoskeletal anatomy; thermotherapies; functional assessments; corrective exercise training
  • Kaz Yanagi, Lecturer of Athletic Training
    Expertise: Prevention and care of injuries; therapeutic exercise


  • Susan Bennett-Armistead, Associate Professor of Literacy
    Expertise: Emergent literacy; early childhood teacher literacy knowledge; early childhood literacy pedagogy; school-family relationships; pre-service teacher training; in-service teacher training
  • Marcia Nye Boody, Director of Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy
    Expertise: Literacy education; literacy coaching; behavior management
  • Richard Kent, Associate Professor of Literacy Education
    Expertise: High school writing centers; athlete journals; athletic team notebooks; writing instructions; portfolios; writing in the arts
  • Kenneth Martin, Lecturer in Literacy
    Expertise: Educational uses of technology; online discussion; digital writing; professional development
  • William “Dee” Nichols, Professor in Literacy Education
    Expertise: Literacy; comprehension; vocabulary; fluency
  • Mary Rosser, Director of Reading Recovery and Coordinator of Literacy Professional Development Programs
    Expertise: Literacy education; curriculum development; literacy intervention and coaching
  • Jane Wellman-Little, Lecturer in Reading/Literacy
    Expertise: K-8 literacy instruction and assessment; children’s literature

Research Methods

  • Janet Fairman, Associate Research Professor
    Expertise: Education policy; education reform; teacher leadership; district consolidation; research methods
  • Craig Mason, Professor of Education and Applied Quantitative Methods
    Expertise: Developmental epidemiology; informatics; quantitative methods; statistics; birth defects; parenting; ethnic minority youth
  • Shihfen Tu, Associate Professor of Education and Applied Quantitative Methods
    Expertise: Behavioral informatics; data linkage; instrumentation development; applied quantitative methods; developmental epidemiology; public health; developmental disabilities; birth defects; newborn hearing screening

Social Studies Education

  • Patrick Womac, Assistant Professor of Curriculum Assessment & Instruction
    Expertise: Geographic literacy and social studies education

Special Education

  • James Artesani, Associate Professor of Special Education
    Expertise: Emotional/behavioral disorders; positive behavior intervention and support; Autism Spectrum Disorders; at-risk students; implementation science
  • Sara Flanagan, Assistant Professor of Special Education
    Expertise: Writing literacy in secondary education students with and without high incidence disabilities; written expression; technology in classrooms
  • Diane Jackson, Lecturer in Special Education
    Expertise: Adapted instruction; adolescent/adult assessments; standardized test prep; math workshops; study skills training; disability testing; inclusion; learning disabilities; ADHD
  • Courtney Pacholski, Lecturer in Special Education
    Expertise: Positive behavior intervention and support
  • Deborah Rooks-Ellis, Assistant Professor of Special Education and Director of the Maine Autism Institute for Education and Research
    Expertise: Autism Spectrum Disorders

STEM Education

  • Justin Dimmel, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education and Instructional Technology
    Expertise: Communication practices used in mathematics education
  • Elizabeth Hufnagel, Assistant Professor of Science Education
    Expertise: Emotional expressions in teaching and learning about science; framing of climate change and environmental issues in learning settings
  • Eric Pandiscio, Associate Professor of Education
    Expertise: Geometry; proportional reasoning

Research Highlights

Research Focus

The College of Education and Human Development provides the state, schools and communities with research, evaluation, comparative data and specific studies to stimulate discussion and inform decision making.

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