Faculty Expertise

Child and Family Studies

  • Ian Cameron, Lecturer in Human Development and Family Studies
    Expertise: Adolescent development; adult development and aging; thanatology (death studies); family relations.
  • Sandra Caron, Professor of Family Relationships
    Expertise: Sexual decision making; contraceptive use; safer sex; sexual assault; sexuality education; cross-cultural perspectives on human sexuality; peer sexuality education
  • Daniel Puhlman, Assistant Professor of Family Studies
    Expertise: Qualitative exploration of family processes; parenting; co-parenting; fatherhood

Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction

  • Rebecca Buchanan, Assistant Professor of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
    Expertise: Teacher identity; professional development; school reform; literacy and language; qualitative methods and discourse analysis
  • Vanessa Klein, Assistant Professor of Education
    Expertise: Environmental education; science education; STEM; 4-H
  • John Maddaus, Associate Professor Emeritus of Education
    Expertise: Social context of education; student diversity; secondary education; student access to post-secondary education; teacher research; pre-service teacher education; rural education; teaching Native American history and culture
  • Tammy Mills, Senior Lecturer of Education
    Expertise: Preparation of teachers for culturally and linguistically diverse K-12 student populations; poverty, equity and education; community-based teacher preparation; relationship between professional educators’ knowledge, inquiry and practice; qualitative research methods
  • Asli Sezen-Barrie, Associate Professor of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
    Expertise: Science education; climate change education; preservice and beginning teacher science teaching

Early Childhood & Early Childhood Education

  • Margo Brown, Lecturer in Child Development and Family Relations and Coordinator of the Katherine Miles Durst Child Development Learning Center
    Expertise: Early childhood and early childhood special education
  • Julie DellaMattera, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Development
    Expertise: Early childhood education; child development; leadership; early education policy; antisocial behaviors; math/numeracy

Educational Leadership

  • Richard Ackerman, Professor of Educational Leadership
    Expertise: Organizational development; leadership development; school culture; interpersonal dimensions of leadership
  • Catharine Biddle, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
    Expertise: Rural communities and school relationships
  • Ian Mette, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
    Expertise: School reform and instructional leadership

Higher Education

  • Elizabeth Allan, Professor of Higher Education
    Expertise: Campus diversity; gender equity in higher education; campus and classroom climates; hazing; policy discourses; feminist theory
  • Kathleen Gillon, Assistant Professor of Higher Education
    Expertise: Access and equity in higher education; geography’s role college access for marginalized students; qualitative explorations of gender, geography and community capital and how these factors influence post-secondary educational opportunity for rural college students
  • Leah Hakkola, Associate Professor of Higher Education
    Expertise: Diversity discourses in higher education; recruitment and admissions

Kinesiology & Physical Education

  • Lauren Jacobs, Lecturer of Outdoor Leadership
    Expertise: Outdoor education; recess; team sports and games
  • Robert Lehnhard, Professor of Education
    Expertise: Exercise physiology; cardiovascular physiology; metabolic support of exercise and growth
  • Jennifer McNulty, Lecturer in Health Education and Lifespan
    Expertise: Health education pedagogy/methodology; health promotion and disease prevention; community health; health profession supervisor
  • Chris Nightingale, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Athletic Training
    Expertise: Athletic training; mentoring; physical education pedagogy


  • Susan Bennett-Armistead, Associate Professor of Literacy
    Expertise: Emergent literacy; early childhood teacher literacy knowledge; early childhood literacy pedagogy; school-family relationships; pre-service teacher training; in-service teacher training
  • Richard Kent, Professor Emeritus of Literacy Education
    Expertise: High school writing centers; athlete journals; athletic team notebooks; writing instructions; portfolios; writing in the arts
  • William Dee Nichols, Professor in Literacy Education
    Expertise: Literacy; comprehension; vocabulary; fluency
  • Mary Rosser, Director of Reading Recovery and Coordinator of Literacy Professional Development Programs
    Expertise: Literacy education; curriculum development; literacy intervention and coaching

Research Methods

  • Janet Fairman, Associate Research Professor
    Expertise: Education policy; education reform; teacher leadership; district consolidation; research methods
  • Craig Mason, Professor of Education and Applied Quantitative Methods
    Expertise: Developmental epidemiology; informatics; quantitative methods; statistics; birth defects; parenting; ethnic minority youth
  • Shihfen Tu, Professor of Education and Applied Quantitative Methods
    Expertise: Behavioral informatics; data linkage; instrumentation development; applied quantitative methods; developmental epidemiology; public health; developmental disabilities; birth defects; newborn hearing screening

Special Education

  • James Artesani, Associate Professor of Special Education
    Expertise: Emotional/behavioral disorders; positive behavior intervention and support; Autism Spectrum Disorders; at-risk students; implementation science
  • Sara Flanagan, Assistant Professor of Special Education
    Expertise: Writing literacy in secondary education students with and without high incidence disabilities; written expression; technology in classrooms
  • Sarah Howorth, Assistant Professor of Special Education
    Expertise: Assistive technology and augmented reality in special education; reading comprehensions; positive behavior intervention and supports; employment and transition outcomes for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities
  • Diane Jackson, Lecturer in Special Education
    Expertise: Adapted instruction; adolescent/adult assessments; standardized test prep; math workshops; study skills training; disability testing; inclusion; learning disabilities; ADHD
  • Courtney Pacholski, PBIS Initiative Coordinator
    Expertise: Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support

STEM Education

  • Justin Dimmel, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Instructional Technology
    Expertise: Communication practices used in mathematics education
  • Elizabeth Hufnagel, Associate Professor of Science Education
    Expertise: Emotional expressions in teaching and learning about science; framing of climate change and environmental issues in learning settings
  • Eric Pandiscio, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
    Expertise: Geometry; proportional reasoning