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Curriculum Coordinators: Plans for and provides leadership involving issues of curriculum, instruction and assessment; helps plan and implement staff development initiatives.

Executive Officers: This group meets four times yearly and provides overall direction for PREP Initiatives. The Executive Officers are comprised of school superintendents and the Dean of the College of Education and Human Development and the Dean of the College of Business, Public Policy and Health.

Guidance Services: Discusses and sets goals for delivering school guidance services that place an increased emphasis on college and career planning and engage guidance professionals in leading school change and reform. Collaboration with the Mitchell Institute.

Pre-Referral: School units are involved with planning for and implementing pilot programs in meeting the expectations for the State of Maine Pre-Referral initiative. Schools are collaborating in planning for and providing staff development for teachers and administrators in grades K-12.

Science Collaborative: Through a collaborative process of development, trial, and peer evaluation, this committee is focused on crafting learning experiences for 9th graders.

Special Education: Five school units collaborate in the provision of psychological services and speech therapy.

Task Forces: Works on targeted timely topics; established as needed.

Teacher Preparation: Plans collaborative preparation and support of pre-service and practicing educators in Professional Development Schools, which provide a realistic learning laboratory for aspiring and novice teachers and for university and school faculty jointly investigating questions of teaching and learning.

Virtual High School: Three school units have initiated programming utilizing the Virtual High School Program. Schools share the costs and the number of programs available.