The Penobscot River Educational Partnership (PREP) is an action-centered collaborative focused on enhancing the learning of Pre K-12 students by continually improving teaching and the educational experiences. School partners in the professional development school model provide realistic settings and a corps of committed educators to jointly prepare and contribute significantly to the professional development of teachers.

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The Partnership
The rapid pace of change and innovation in education, the challenge of identifying scarce resources for teaching and learning, and the persistent social demands for more effective schools require that educators blur the institutional boundaries that have historically existed. Only through identifying common needs and sharing resources can schools and universities meet the expectations of our society.

PREP is a collaborative effort of local schools, the University of Maine to develop the capacity of member organizations and individuals to improve teaching and learning by:

  • Working together as a community of learners
  • Supporting best practice in education
  • Promoting engaged learning for all
  • Standing for equity and diversity
  • Continually examining practices through systematic inquiry
  • Being guided by professional standards
  • Developing and enhancing collaborations with the Maine Department of Education and other statewide organizations

How PREP Works:
Members are as active as they choose to be, deciding and doing what’s best for their school and/or district.

  • Annual membership fees based on number of teachers employed
  • University fee based on average of member payments
  • One member school serves as fiscal agent
  • School units participate in all activities or only those that best serve their needs
  • Partner schools designate representatives to serve on PREP action committees and special task forces

On-going Focus:

  • Partnership organization and development
  • Preparation and support of pre-service and practicing educators
  • Identification of common needs and strengths
  • Cooperative planning for grants, resources and programs
  • Enhanced use of technology for teaching and learning
  • State/national standards and policy compliance
  • Standards-based curriculum design and assessment
  • Strategic planning and evaluation
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in our organizations

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