What is the Teacher Candidacy portfolio?Leave Your Print logo

The Teacher Candidacy portfolio is an assessment tool used to measure a student’s academic preparedness for upper-level teacher education courses. The portfolio assesses students admitted to the College’s Teacher Candidacy program at the end of their sophomore year, ensuring that they have proven their commitment to the profession through self-initiated field experiences and academic performance. Acceptance into Teacher Candidacy allows students to engage in the upper-level education coursework for their respective degree programs.

When is my portfolio due?

Portfolios are accepted twice a year. All components of the portfolio process (including successful completion of Praxis I exams) must be satisfied before submitting the portfolio.

Fall Submission Date: October 1
Spring Submission Date: February 1

How do I register to take the Praxis Exam?

You cannot register for the Praxis with the College. However, we can assist you in the registration process by answering your questions and providing guidance on test dates, options and filling out the registration form. You must register with the Education Testing Service (ETS) for the exams. You can do so by downloading their application form. Please allow three weeks for processing the application and be aware of the deadlines for registration and yearly testing dates, all of which can be found on the ETS website.

Am I required to own an Apple MacBook?

Education majors enrolling in the College are required to own a laptop and it is strongly recommended that it be an Apple MacBook. Please visit Laptops in Education to learn more about the Laptop Initiative.

What is my class standing?

Seniors: 84 or more degree credits
Juniors: 54 or more degree credits
Sophomores: 24 or more degree credits
First-years: Less than 24 degree credits

How do I register for classes?

In order to register for classes, you must meet with your advisor prior to your actual registration date (this is determined by your class standing). In preparation for the meeting with your advisor, research course offerings and align them to your program. Your organization and preparation for this meeting will be very beneficial to you. At the meeting your advisor will help you make final course selections, answer any questions you may have and provide you with your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

The Advising Center has extended office hours the two weeks prior to registration and during the registration period. We are open 9am-4pm for walk-in service. If those times do not fit your schedule please call or E-mail Advising Center coordinator Erin Straine.

Useful links for course registration:

Maine Street: http://mainestreet.maine.edu/
Office of Student Records: http://www.studentrecords.umaine.edu/

I would like to minor in education. What does this entail?

All prospective minor candidates must meet with the Coordinator of Academic Advising and Student Services, to discuss the requirements of the minor. Please read more about the minors offered in Education.