ICP-MS Laboratory

Michael Handley

Funded through a NSF MRI award, the ICP-MS Facility at the Climate Change Institute, University of Maine, houses a Thermo ELEMENT XR high-resolution ICP-MS with JET interface and a ESI NWR193 excimer laser with a Cryocell.  The JET interface provides exceptional limits of detection for both solution mode and laser ablation.  The ICP-MS is used for the elemental and isotopic analysis of a wide range of geologic and environmental material and the Cryocell gives us the ability to analyze frozen matrices.  The ICP-MS Facility Manager, Michael Handley, has over 20 years of experience with ICP technology, and is responsible for assisting with all sample preparation and analysis needs. The ICP-MS Facility includes clean and cold clean room sample and standard preparation space, and all related sample preparation equipment.  The primary focus of the laboratory is the determination of ultra-trace levels of elements in ice cores.  The laboratory also supports projects involving analysis of plant and biological tissue, sediments, and water.