Career and College Ready Program (For Select High Schools/Programs)

An online course in career exploration ( 2 credit hours) culminating in 7-day residential summer educational experience. Early College students will complete four weeks of coursework through an online learning format and will then attend the 7-day program while living in a University of Maine residence hall. This program is only available to a select group of new Mainer population students.

Program Goals

  • Students will explore and identify career interests and goals through the utilization of a structured career development process. This coursework will better prepare students for pursuing higher education as well as the selection of majors and minors. 
  • Students will discuss and practice basic college study skills and time management strategies. Students will be engaged in discussions about the importance of attendance, accountability, and perseverance. 
  •  Instill, through practice, the ability for students to express themselves in an academically appropriate manner, including how to communicate with faculty and professional staff.
Students look at laptops in the library.

Course Information

INT 193: This 2-credit Introduction to Career Exploration and Development course is an experiential course designed to assist Early College students with exploring and identifying career interests and goals.