Silvia Nittel

Dr. Nittel is the Director of the UMaine Data Science and Engineering Graduate Program (since July 2022).

Research interests

Dr. Silvia Nittel’s research interests are in data management technology for geosensor networks, wireless sensor networks and sensor data streams. She received her Ph.D. in 1994 from the Computer Science Department of the University of Zurich and joined the UCLA Computer Science Department as postdoctoral researcher in 1995, where she developed high-performance integration platforms for heterogeneous spatial data. From 1998 to spring 2001, she was the Co-Director of the UCLA Data Mining Lab and her research focused on high performance, location-independent tools for scientific data mining and scientific collaboration.

Dr. Nittel is the Director of the Geosensor Networks Lab. Her current research focuses on extending database technology to support wireless sensor networks, especially geosensor networks (PDF). Her main research focus is on decentralized in-network data collection algorithms for geosensor networks, and data stream management system technology for the support of processing, querying, analyzing and integrating vast amounts of real-time sensor data streams in real-time (up to 250K update/sec).