Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs in Data Science and Engineering (DSE)

The University of Maine offers the following graduate programs in Data Science and Engineering:

Applicants to the data science and engineering program should have at least one college level statistics course in their backgrounds. Admitted students have the opportunity to become familiar with various data science, data mining, data engineering, business analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence topics. Computer programming, statistics germane to data science, and systems knowledge may be picked up as part of the program if applicants don’t already have these foundations. Applicants with undergraduate degrees in computer science, engineering, math, and similar fields (i.e. those with two semesters of calculus and calculus-based statistics) have the opportunity to pursue higher level machine learning and artificial intelligence fundamentals and theory courses along with applications of advanced AI methods addressing real-world problems. The multiple paths to graduation make the new program highly flexible in meeting individual student needs.