Math Proctoring

student working on a math problem with calculator nearbyIn-Person Math Exam Proctoring Resources

You’ll find a list of Maine proctoring sites here.
A note for students outside of Maine: Most public libraries and community colleges across the country allow for in-person proctoring for free or for a small fee. Contact Lauren Campe if you need additional assistance finding a proctoring location near you.

Proctors must be:
  • NOT be a family member, friend, or co-worker
  • Employed by an educational institution, public library, or other pre-approved agency
  • Available to speak to a representative of the University of Maine for verification
  • Able to receive email and attachments and print the attachments
  • Able to access a fax or scanner to send completed exams back

Students are required to:

  • Find an in-person proctoring site near them (if a student cannot find a proctor site near them they will be required to travel to the closest site they can find)
  • Set up an appointment at an in-person proctoring site for the date listed on their course syllabus
  • Pay any fees the proctoring site charges
  • Bring a photo ID (MaineCard, drivers license, high school ID, etc.) with them to their proctoring appointment
  • Set up their appointment two weeks before their course exam date

Contact your instructor for information regarding your course and exam.
Contact or 207.581.3113 with any proctor-related questions.