P301dx: Exploring Climate-Change Data

P301dx is a data repository coupled with a collection of interactive tools that allow scientists to rapidly explore climate-change data. P301dx makes it easy to import and clean data. This data can then be explored using a large and growing collection of tools. A systematic repository facilitates correlation of diverse datasets. P301dx is built using a plug-in framework that makes it easy to add additional functions. In contrast to ad hoc data processing, when using P301dx there is no need for tediously importing and exporting data to various programs. Instead, the data is maintained in one reliable place, so that the user’s view (or perspective) of the data is the only change required. The shift in perspective usually includes the way the data is presented to the user and the array of tools available for inspecting data. Examples of some P301dx perspectives include: data maintenance, chart plotting, data re-sampling, and 3d data mapping.

Project team

  • Sudarshan S. Chawathe [1,2]
  • Andrei Kurbatov [2]
  • Paul Mayewski [2,3]
  • Mark Royer [1]


  1. Computer Science Department
  2. Climate Change Institute
  3. Earth Sciences Department

Interested in contributing?
We are seeking a few motivated students (undergraduate or graduate) to continue work on this project. If you are looking for a project that is fun, professionally rewarding, and globally significant, this is a great opportunity!

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