IceReader: Sharing ITASE Data

iceREADER is a public Web portal for the sharing of ITASE (International Trans Antarctic Scientific Expedition) data. Most of the data in iceREADER is marked as public, making it available to all. An interactive map allows visitors to view data sets projected on the Antarctic continent. Users who are interested in contributing data to the iceREADER repository may register with the system, which allows them to upload field data and download shared data from others. For ITASE members, the system supports email notifications to active group members. Although diverse datasets may be stored in iceREADER, a few standard meta-data fields are required, allowing uniform access to datasets. The result is that data maintained by iceREADER can not only be browsed and queried using the Web interface but can also be easily shared and accessed using applications like the P301dx tool, which has a number of additional functions for analyzing climate-change data.

Project team

  • Sudarshan Chawathe (Computer Science and Climate Change Institiute)
  • Andrei Kurbatov (Climate Change Institiute)
  • Paul Mayewski (Climate Change Institute and Earth Sciences)
  • Mark Royer (Computer Science)

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