Marine Hatchery Technician Course Fall 2018:


The only hands-on full immersion Marine Hatchery course in America!  


Are you interested in working in, owning or growing an aquaculture business?

Candidates accepted for this course will learn in a commercial hatchery. At the completion of the course, the students will receive a commercial hatchery technician certificate.  They will get hands-on experience on many of the most important aspects required for marine hatchery production. Students will learn how to take a marine species from eggs to the first feeding. Time spent at CCAR will give students opportunities to gain extensive knowledge of the various techniques in marine breeding and aquaculture. The course will pair students with professionals in the aquaculture industry who will mentor students from specific details in aqua farming to the business of aquaculture. Graduates of this program will have the resources and skills useful in any aquaculture field.


The course is located on the CCAR facilities in Taunton Bay in Franklin, Maine. CCAR’s extensive facilities include marine hatcheries, where juvenile fish, invertebrates, and sea vegetables are bred for research and to test commercial feasibility. CCAR’s team is experienced in raising a multitude of marine species. The Center also serves as an aquaculture business incubator, where entrepreneurs can, engage in research and development, design full-scale commercial aquaculture farms, and utilize our hatchery services.