The CCAR Featured in Film

A new film titled “The Working Waterfront – American Aquaculture in the 21st Century” was recently posted on YouTube (viewed at:  The video was commissioned by the Soy Aquaculture Alliance and the United Soybean Board to educate the public about recent advances in aquaculture in the United States.  The film was produced by Living Ocean Productions, whose previous work includes “Whale Like Me”, “The Pod”, “Mission Blue”, “Sacred Mountain”, and “Requiem” a critically acclaimed film about sharks.

The 25 minute video visits four aquaculture sites in the US, including the Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research.  In one of the final segments Center Director Steve Eddy leads the film crew on a tour of the site and shows off its capabilities.  We are pleased and honored to be included in the film, and hope you enjoy watching it!