What is iClicker?

Clickers are the common term for Student Response Systems (SRS), a technology used to promote active learning in classrooms. The University of Maine now has a campus license for iClicker Cloud. This browser and/or app-based system will allow all faculty members to use a state of the art classroom response service in their classes without students needing to purchase anything or keep track of additional hardware!  iClicker is an effective tool in all teaching modalities, seamlessly allowing instructors to poll their students synchronously in a classroom and/or from anywhere.

Watch the iClicker Cloud Overview video to see how to start polling students in your classes.

How to Use iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud ( webapp ) allows you to quickly setup and sync your Brightspace classlist. Once setup, iClicker Cloud can push your session polling grades directly to your Brightspace Grades. 

Please review the CITL’s tutorial on how to integrate with UMS Brightspace: iClicker Cloud Setup.

Here is iClicker’s official instruction on how to integrate with Brightspace: iClicker Cloud Roster & Grade Sync with Brightspace.

*Additional resource: Instructor can share this to their students on how to setup their iClicker student accounts: UMaine Registering for iClicker Student.