Aquatics & Safety Program Policies

All UMaine Campus Recreation General Facility Policies also apply.

Participants are required to act in a safe and responsible manner. Participants who, through behavior or unsafe actions, pose a danger to themselves or others may be asked to leave a program or facility.

Facility Entry

Children’s Swim Lessons: Up to two (2) of the child’s legal guardians* may accompany the enrolled child to a swim lesson. Any additional non-member guests, of any age, must purchase a day pass. (Age 14+ = $10, Age 6-13 = $5, Age 0-5 = FREE but must still be “sold” an Infant Day Pass for tracking purposes.)

All swimmers, legal guardians, and their guests must check in at the front desk.

Anyone aged 18+ must present a MaineCard, RecCard, or a government issued picture ID card. Anyone aged 14-17 must present a RecCard, School picture ID, or government issued photo ID, or be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult guardian. Make-up lessons will not be scheduled due to a forgotten ID.

Everyone must sign a liability waiver prior to arriving; minors’ liability waivers must be signed by their legal guardian. If anyone in your party does not yet have a current liability waiver signed and on file, please arrive 20-30 minutes early as there is sometimes a wait. Liability waivers must be signed annually at minimum and will sometimes be required more than once (for example, at activity registration and then again at first visit). Information here:

* Please note that if you need someone other than the child’s legal guardian to bring the child to lessons, you will need to notify Josh Bridges at least 48 hours in advance of the lesson in question.

Minimum Enrollment

All aquatics and safety courses must meet a minimum number of registered participants. If we must cancel a group or class due to low participation, every effort will be made to accommodate the individual by either transferring them to another class offering, or with a full refund of the course registration. 

Lateness Policy 

Course participants are expected to arrive on time for their classes. Instructors are obligated to wait for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the instructor is not required to lead the remaining of the session and the participant will either be charged for the scheduled session (swim lessons) or be possibly be removed from the class (certification courses). 

Cancellation Policy 

Private swim instructors are required to inform the participant 24 hours in advance of a cancellation or time change. Participants are required to inform the swim instructor of a cancellation or time change with at least one-hour notice of the originally scheduled session. Failure to do so may result in being charged the cost of the session. 

You can request a cancellation of your program enrollment, prior to the first meeting time, by filling out a Change/Cancel Form, located at the Member Services Desk at the Rec Center.  Phone calls not accepted.

Registrants who must cancel from a program should inform Campus Recreation as soon as possible. No refunds can be given after the start of the program. Registrants who cancel prior to the registration deadline receive a refund minus a $25 administrative fee, or the cost of the course, whichever is less. Students who cancel prior to the registration deadline will be billed the administrative fee on their student account. Non-students will be refunded the program fee minus a $25 administrative fee.  No refunds can be given after the registration deadline.

If Campus Recreation cancels a program, full refunds will be given.


All are welcome to enjoy our aquatic and safety programming. If you need assistance or are in need of accommodation, we ask that you inform Aquatics as soon as possible so that we can best meet your needs. If a course participant requests an accommodation, the instructor will discuss the accommodation options with the participant to determine a reasonable approach that meets both the training objective and the participant’s needs. If it is not feasible to provide a modification in a specific class (e.g., because there is not enough time to make the arrangements before the date of the class), the instructor will help the participant find a class that is more suitable.

Please complete this form to request accommodation for our programs and send the completed form to

Accommodation for Certification courses 

To receive a course completion certification, participants must meet the knowledge and skill requirements of the course.

  • Meeting the objective of a skill means demonstrating all skill criteria requirements at a proficient level as outlined for each skill in the skill assessment tool(s) of the instructor’s manual.
  • Meeting the standard means demonstrating all the skill steps as outlined in the skill charts and demonstrating all skill criteria requirements at a proficient level as outlined in the skill assessment tool(s) of the instructor’s manual.

To certify individuals in the basic-level courses, participants must meet the objectives of each skill and of the overall course. To certify individuals in instructor and instructor trainer level courses, participants must meet the standard of each skill.

Pre-Course and Program Participation (Certification courses)

Pre-courses are designed to ensure the participant obtains the minimum physical ability and relevant material knowledge to be successful in the course. For the pre-course and the remainder of the course, participants will be assessed as successful or not successful based on clearly defined criteria. Participants are expected to attend all classes and arrive on time each day. Failure to do so may result in an overall assessment as not successful.

The course fee, minus $50, will be returned to candidates who are not eligible for the course by not passing the pre-course session. Participants who do not meet the overall course requirements or withdraw from the course on or after the first day, are not eligible for any refund.