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Business of Blueberries

The Business of Blueberries

A cohort of Maine Business School students spent the fall 2023 semester helping Jasper Wyman & Son solve a real-world business problem—what to do with blueberry byproducts. The Business of Blueberries class is an advanced Research Learning Experience (RLE), meaning students are engaged in meaningful research work throughout the semester.  “This is not your typical […]

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Waleed Rahmatullah

Alumni Profile: Waleed Rahmatullah

Waleed Rahmatullah, ’18, grew up in New York and Saudi Arabia. He moved to Maine soon after high school with his parents. He studied Management, Business Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship at the Maine Business School. Today, he works for Uber in New York City.  Why did you decide to go to the University of Maine […]

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Jane Blanchard at Unum

Internship Story: Jane Blanchard at Unum

Jane Blanchard, a junior studying Marketing and Management at the Maine Business School, tapped her network to learn about Unum’s internship program. “Everyone I spoke with throughout the interview process was kind, accommodating, and helpful,” she says. “That helped me determine that Unum would be a good fit for me.” How did you hear about […]

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Ellie Nash at Marin

Internship Story: Ellie Nash at Marin Skincare

How did you hear about the internship at Marin? I heard about this internship through the Innovate for Maine Fellows Program at the UMaine Career Fair.  Why did you choose to intern at Marin? I interned at Marin because of its unique skincare approach, which utilizes Maine lobster glycoproteins within their hydrating cream. When I […]

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Accounting Firm Night

Accounting Firm Night provides a space for networking

Eleven UMaine alums represented Maine and New Hampshire accounting firms at the Fall 2023 Accounting Firm Night. Ian Lichtenberg, ’18; Nicole Pelletier, ’21 and ’22G; and Mikayla Roy ’19 from Baker Newman Noyes; Bethany Ashley, ’20 and ’21G; and Michelle Miller, ’19 and ’21G from BerryDunn; James Shokal, ’19 from Nathan Wechsler & Company; Nick […]

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Emma Ardell at Cianbro

Internship Story: Emma Ardell at Cianbro

Emma Ardell, an Accounting major from Aroostook County, found her summer internship at the University of Maine Career Fair. Her experience at Cianbro left her feeling confident in her skills as she’s finishing her college career at the Maine Business School. How did you hear about this internship with Cianbro? I heard about this internship […]

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Jason Gil, L.L. Bean Intern

Internship Story: Jason Gil at L.L. Bean

Jason Gil from Sanford, Maine, heard about the L.L. Bean internship experience at the Maine Business School Explore Careers Casually event held in the fall of 2022. “I met two wonderful individuals from talent and recruitment,” Gil says. “We had a great conversation about the progressive work culture at L.L. Bean.” Why did you choose […]

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Jake Dubay The Dunham Group Intern

Internship Story: Jake Dubay at The Dunham Group

Jake Dubay from Old Town, Maine, has long been interested in real estate. He attended the annual Maine Real Estate and Development Association (MEREDA) conference to learn more about the industry, securing an internship in the process.  Why did you choose to intern at The Dunham Group? I chose The Dunham Group after traveling to […]

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Camille Lockwood, Intern at Formlabs

Internship Story: Camille Lockwood at Formlabs

Camille Lockwood from Boston, Massachusetts, is spending her summer learning about technology manufacturing and business at Formlabs. As a Global Marketing Intern, Camille is excited to be an intern at a company that creates 3D printed models and prototypes for a variety of industries. How did you hear about this internship?  LinkedIn! What are your […]

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