Welcoming Xinhui “Gabe” Huang to MBS

Xinhui “Gabe” Huang joined MBS in January as an Assistant Professor in Finance. Dr. Huang earned his Ph.D. at Texas A&M International University. His teaching areas include intro to finance, financial management, and corporate finance.

What inspired you to become a professor?

My master’s study advisor, Dr. Pavlo Tsebro, has been a shining example for me. He guided me in setting my goals and advised me on how to achieve them step by step, profoundly impacting my life. Through his mentorship, he demonstrated the true significance and transformative power of education in helping students reach their aspirations. It is his inspiration that fuels my desire to become a professor.

What is your area of expertise?

I am primarily focused on corporate finance, with particular interests in economic policy analysis, corporate governance, financial accounting, and issues related to firm capital.

How did you get interested in your field of study?

Since childhood, I’ve cultivated a habit of reading the news daily. During my college years, my parents provided funds for me to invest in the stock market. Engaging in reading news, analyzing information, applying knowledge gained from classes, making informed judgments, and investing has been thrilling and educational. It has honed my critical thinking skills and fostered my deep interest in corporate finance.

What classes do you teach at UMaine?

I’m teaching FIN 351 Valuation and Corporate Investment Decisions in the spring 2024 semester.

What are your expectations for your students?

My class aims to foster a professional level of critical thinking in finance among my students. I prioritize fundamental principles like ‘Higher risk, higher return’ and ‘Cost-benefit trade-off.’ These principles are the cornerstone of the equations and knowledge found in textbooks. My objective is for students to understand this knowledge and develop a mindset rooted in these foundational principles in finance, empowering them to apply it effectively in real-world situations.

What do you enjoy doing outside of academia?

I have a deep love for travel. I’ve explored nine presidential museums, ranging from JFK to George W. Bush (with Reagan’s Presidential Museum being my favorite). In addition to my passion for history, I enjoy hiking, and my next adventure awaits at Devil’s Tower National Park in Wyoming.

What advice did you wish you had received as an undergraduate student?

Throughout your college years, explore your interests to shape your future aspirations. Set clear goals aligned with your passions, seeking advice from those familiar with your ambitions. Develop a detailed plan and diligently work towards achieving your objectives. Alongside your pursuits, embrace life’s adventures, travel to new places, and broaden your horizons to enrich your experiences.