Bear Treks takes students to IDEXX and MEMIC

In October, 41 Maine Business School undergraduate and graduate students participated in a day-long career exploration adventure called Bear Treks. Created in 2019 thanks to funding from Pasquale Maiorino Esq., ’69, Bear Treks takes students on a field trip to businesses where they learn about internship and job opportunities and practice their networking skills. This Fall, students visited IDEXX and MEMIC in southern Maine.

“Bear Treks is an amazing experience for our students to learn about the culture of the businesses we visit,” says Dr. Patti Miles, Interim Associate Professor of the Maine Business School. “I was thrilled to be on this adventure. The caliber of questions our students asked during our visits to IDEXX and MEMIC made me proud. I look forward to our next Bear Treks trip to Boston in the spring.”

Michael Lane, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Reference Laboratories and Information Technology from IDEXX congratulated students on taking the opportunity to explore career opportunities. He suggested that students not overthink the next steps in life and encouraged them to trust their gut instincts. After a tour of the campus, students broke up into small groups and met with Human Resources representatives and UMaine alums to ask questions. Two therapy dogs made their rounds, visiting with MBS students and staff.

The second stop of the day was MEMIC, located on the water in downtown Portland. Michael Bourque, President and CEO, and Matt Harmon, Senior Vice President, Claims, both UMaine alums, welcomed students with opening remarks. After lunch, students listened as a panel of employees talked about their experiences at MEMIC. Human Resources representatives took groups of students on a tour of the facilities.

“My main takeaway from touring IDEXX and MEMIC is how culture manifests differently within an organization,” says Pat Mitchell, a graduate student and Captain in the U.S. Army. “As someone preparing to enter the business workforce, I was reminded during this visit that finding a business with a cultural fit is essential to job satisfaction and success.”

Emma Ardell, a second-year Accounting major, enjoyed the opportunity to speak with IDEXX and MEMIC employees. “It was clear that MEMIC and IDEXX really take care of their employees,” she says. “I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to attend Bear Treks. I got to expand my horizon and connect with my fellow Black Bears and possible future employers.”