3 MaineMBA Students Participate in Summer Internships

This summer, the MaineMBA has three students participating in the Maine Center Graduate Internship Program. Offered by the University of Maine Graduate & Professional Center, this program provides graduate and professional students in the Maine Center’s four focus disciplines with paid work experience, a peer network, and professional development to prepare them for future career success. Students who apply for the program must be planning to intern with a Maine-based organization. In addition, their work must be interdisciplinary in nature and/or a non-traditional path for someone in their degree program. This program is made possible by the generosity of an anonymous donor to the Maine Center.

Here’s a look at our three participating MaineMBA students and the work they’ll be doing:

Nick Gredin: New England Ocean Cluster (NEOC)

In this internship, Nick will work to develop Maine’s Blue Economy workforce to bolster the state’s economic future. The NEOC internship program is designed to provide unique industry exposure and direct engagement with entrepreneurs and business leaders. MaineMBA coursework will come to bear on real-world and real-time issues. “The aspect of my internship at the NEOC that I am most looking forward to is applying my growing business skills in a context that supports a sustainable future for Maine’s Blue Economy,” Nick says. He will spend the summer analyzing data and documents and synthesizing research. He’ll also compile written reports and meet with industry leaders to recommend courses of action.

Liam Mullen: Seasau 

This Portland, Maine-based company designs, builds, and operates floating spa amenities for marinas and waterfront hotels. This summer, Seasau will be kicking off their prototype spa facility design with SMRT, an architectural and engineering firm. Liam’s internship experience will touch on all aspects of real estate and business development, focusing on finance. “I’m very excited to be part of a team developing a unique idea at a critical point in bringing it to life,” Liam says. “I’m passionate about the benefits to health and wellness that a floating spa can provide to people.”

Isuru Waduge: SustainaMetrix

SustainaMetrix is a social/ecological enterprise located in the New England Ocean Cluster in Portland, Maine. Isuru will put his academic background in business analytics and global policy to use. He’ll assist with developing a business plan for bioregional learning journeys with a focus on four geographies: Gulf of Maine, Scotland, Iceland, and Costa Rica. “I’m looking forward to expanding my academic knowledge in complementary fields such as analytics and governance by actively engaging with SustainaMetrix initiatives towards sustainable economic growth,” Isuru says. “I think this internship will be an excellent opportunity to practice what I have learned in the MaineMBA. For instance, working with data visualization and business analytics.”

To learn more about the Maine Center Graduate Internship Program and meet the students who participated in the program last summer, please visit the program’s homepage: https://umainecenter.org/graduate-internship-program/