Real world lessons

Cintia Miranda is a Bangor professional marketer and cooperating professor

When she’s not teaching marketing at MBS, cooperating faculty member Cintia Miranda is running Pulse Marketing Agency, the company she founded in Bangor, Maine, in 2009.

As a professional marketer, she is able to bring the real world into her classroom on a daily basis. “Since I live and breathe marketing in some shape or form, I can offer students real-life examples during my lectures and share my experiences with them,” says Miranda, who joined the MBS faculty last fall.

In her class, she introduces students to the concepts, analyses and activities that comprise marketing strategy and tactics, and provides practice in assessing and solving strategic and tactical problems in marketing.

“My first class is at 8 a.m. so I need to keep my students awake and engaged,” she says. “I like to throw marketing challenges at them and ask how they would handle a particular situation. We have a very smart student body and sometimes they throw ideas back at me that I would have not considered on my own.”

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Miranda moved to Quincy, Massachusetts, when she was 16. She came to Bangor in 2009 so her husband could take a job as a pharmacist.

“Love brought me to Maine,” she says.

At Pulse Marketing, Miranda and her team members work with small, medium and large companies and organizations throughout Maine. They offer help with marketing plans, market research, branding, social media strategies, email marketing and website design. They also provide video production services and search engine optimization.

With 18 years of professional marketing experience, Miranda says running her own agency is the pinnacle of her career.

“I love every second of it,” she says. “A marketing challenge excites me like a kid on Christmas morning.”

Miranda graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston, earning a MBA with a concentration in marketing and a bachelor’s degree in international management.

She has taught management at the New England School of Communications at Husson University, and now enjoys sharing her passion for marketing with students at MBS.

“This may be the only marketing course some students will ever take, so I have a very important job,” she says. “I understand they won’t all become professional marketers,
but I am happy to help them understand that marketing is an integral and important part of running any business or organization.” n