Collaborative CoVort

Collaborative CoVort: Entrepreneurship professor opens co-working space in Bangor

MBS Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship Jason Harkins has established Bangor’s newest co-working space: CoVort.

CoVort ( is an open, 2,000-square-foot office environment at 49 Main Street in Bangor that provides all the amenities of an office to members by the day, week or month.

Members can access the space 24/7 to leverage the open, flexible work space as well as the printer, fax machine, scanner, video and teleconferencing equipment, mailboxes, high speed internet, conference room, collaboration center, phone booths for private conversations, and even a kitchenette.

“We have set up a co-working community space where you have everything you need to get your job done,” says Harkins, who co-founded CoVort with serial entrepreneur and UMaine alumna Lisa Liberatore ’03, ’05.

Designed for entrepreneurs and those who work remotely such as work-at-home professionals, independent contractors and freelancers, co-working spaces offer an alternative to working from a coffee shop or café, and may alleviate the feelings of isolation experienced by many who work at home.

Some studies show that the number of co-working spaces across the country have doubled since 2006.

“Co-working is the intersection of working alone and working together,” says Harkins. “You can put on your headphones and become immersed in your computer, then take a coffee break, meet new people and find shared interests or potential collaborations for new businesses, projects and ventures.”

CoVort officially opened on Nov. 28, 2016, with five members consisting of entrepreneurs, employees of national companies and a freelancer.

“We spent several months assessing the demand and trying to find the perfect space in downtown Bangor,” Harkins says.

This is the first business venture for Harkins, who has done business consulting and is involved in a number of entrepreneurial initiatives including Scratchpad Business Accelerator and the UMaine Business Challenge.

Teaching classes in small business management and entrepreneurship, Harkins says CoVort has provided him with fodder for countless lessons.

“I can talk about what I learned from doing something I’ve never done before.”

For more information call 207.907.2120 or email