Paper by Vollmers to appear in European Accounting Review

Accounting professor Gloria Vollmers’ paper, “Cost Accounting for War:  Contracting Procedures and Cost-Plus Pricing in WWI Industrial Mobilization in Italy,” will be published in an upcoming issue of European Accounting Review, and international scholarly journal of the European Accounting Association.

The paper explores the role played by cost accounting in Italy’s Industrial Mobilization System and in the largest firm manufacturing weaponry, Ansaldo of Genoa, during World War I.  “While in other countries such as the U.K. and U.S., efficiency in buying and  managing war material was an important part of military strategy, in Italy, various factors impeded it.,” she said.  “The paper focuses on contracting procedures adopted by the Ministry of War and Ministry of Munitions and looks at the cost accounting practices in Ansaldo to see how costs were determined and how prices were set.  We found a paradox.

“On the one hand, despite knowledge of costing, the government did not impose cost controls on the producers of war material, nor on their profit rates.  On the other hand, examining Ansaldo’s cost sheets we discover they underestimated their production costs leading the firm to losses despite its favorable political position.  The paper contributes to the theoretical debate about the relationship between accounting and war in the Italian context where lobbying, collusion, bribery and private interests dominated the administrative behavior of public and private actors instead of efficiency, accountability, and honesty,”