University Fees

Undergraduate Activity Fee: Activity fee funds are used by the Student Government associations to support various activities. For Undergraduates, the fee is $53.00 per semester if you are registered for 6 or more credit hours. This fee will only be assessed for credit hours taken on the University of Maine campus.

Graduate Activity Fee: Graduate activity fee funds are used by the Graduate Student Government (GSG) to support its operations, including advocacy on behalf of all University of Maine graduate students, the Graduate Student Academic Exposition (GradExpo), and the individual grants program, which provides up to $850.00 per graduate student per semester to support academic and professional development. The activity fee is $40.00 per semester for all graduate students.

Communications Fee: The communications fee provides support to the student newspaper (The Maine Campus), the student radio station (WMEB), and ASAP (a student-operated New Media research and development organization). The fee is $15.00 per semester. This fee will only be assessed for 6 or more credit hours taken on the University of Maine campus.

Unified Fee: The Unified fee is used to cover fixed costs of providing educational services that may not be directly related to the number of credit hours for which a student is enrolled. This fee supports activities such as student services, the operation of facilities such as student centers, and student-utilized, instruction-related technologies.

Credit Hours
Per Semester
Less than 6 128.00
At least 6 but less than 12 391.00
At least 12 but less than 16 958.00
16 or more 983.00

Recreation Center Fee: The Recreation fee includes access to the Student Recreation and Fitness Center, The Maine Bound Adventure Center, open swims at Wallace Pool, and open recreation times in the Dome, Lengyel Gym, and Memorial Gym. This fee also includes unlimited Level I adult group exercise classes (excludes some classes) and Intramural Sports and Sport Club participation. Also included are reduced program fees for specialty fitness programs, Maine Bound Trips and courses, equipment rental, and other programs. This fee will only be assessed for credit hours taken on the University of Maine campus.

Credit Hours
Per Semester
Less than 6 81.00
6 or more 135.00


Late Payment Fee: If financial aid, a waiver or a graduate assistantship has been awarded but is not shown on the bill, if an installment plan has been completed but is not shown on the bill, or if your bill is to be paid in part or in whole by your employer or another agency, and is not shown on the bill, such information must be entered in the Anticipated Resources area of Student Self-Service on MaineStreet (Path: Student Self-Service / Self Service / Campus Finances /Anticipated Resources). Failure to provide this information and pay any remaining balance will result in a $100.00 Late Payment Fee.

First Year Residential Experience Fee: Beginning with the Fall 2007 semester, a one-time fee of $50.00 is assessed to all first year residential students taking any credit hours on the UMaine campus. The First Year Residential Experience environment requires cutting-edge programming. The goals of the First Year Residential Experience fall into three broad categories: academic achievement, social integration, and student development. Specifically, the goals of the First Year Residential Experience include:

  1. Increase student-to-student interactions.
  2. Increase student-to -faculty interactions.
  3. Create study environments in the Residence halls and promote/reinforce student academic endeavors.
  4. Develop strong student study skills and study habits.
  5. Create opportunities for altruism, activism, and citizenship development in the First Year Residential Experience.
  6. Create social engagement opportunities between students.
  7. Promote diversity and discussion around racial, ethnic, and social issues.
  8. Create and promote mentoring and tutoring connections between students.
  9. Support UMaine traditions, history, and lore.

Please contact Kenda Scheele, Senior Associate Dean of Students, by email at or by phone at 207.581.1406 with any questions concerning this fee.

Student Health Insurance: Student health insurance options available at the University of Maine

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