Volunteers and Cheer Stations

The crowd makes the runners run and the volunteers make the race happen!!  Please join us for the fun on race day!


If you are interested in volunteering for the race at packet pick-up, on the race course, at a water station, or on the race committee, please contact Lisa Morin at lisa.morin@maine.edu.

Sign up here.

Cheer Station

We are actively recruiting cheer squads for the course.  If you have a group interested in cheering on the runners, we will supply noisemakers and poster board for signs.

If you are interested in hosting a cheer station and you live on the race course, runners would appreciate the following:

  • Put your hose on spray mode and leave it out so they can run through the water.
  • Hand out ice (with plastic gloves on your hands)
  • Hand out paper cups with water
  • Hand out popsicles (not wrapped or with the ends cut off if they are flavor-ice)
  • Play loud, fun music on a stereo or instrument
  • Ring bells, use noisemakers, cheer and hold signs

If you want to be listed as an official race cheer station, e-mail or call Lauri Sidelko at sidelko@maine.edu or 207-581-1423 and we will provide you with sign materials, paper cups, noisemakers, etc….