Course Information

The race starts at 7:30 AM and there is a 6 hour limit on the marathon course. Those who feel they will not finish the marathon in 6 hours can register for the early start at 6:30 AM (which will allow 7 hours). Early start is not available for the half marathon.

The half marathon course will start on campus, follow the Stillwater River and travel through Orono and Old Town back to a paved bike path on campus. The full marathon course is a double loop of the half. All races will start and end on the UMaine track.

The marathon and half marathon courses are officially certified!  The USATF numbers are:  ME15001JK and ME15002JK.

Official course map: Marathon Map :  click link for a printable version.

Map of marathon course

Elevation graph. Gain of 406 Feet.

Map courtesy of Sewall company logo.


10k Course:

1. Start is the same for  all three races(on  track next to  rock at the Fieldhouse entrance)

2. counterclockwise around  track and exiting on the right side of the home stadium between  the Ice Rink and TKE Fraternity.

3. Take left on College Ave and head to  Orono.

4. Over the bridge and take a right onto Bennoch Rd. rigth after UCU.

5. Take a right onto  Stillwater Ave/Franklin St. at  the light at Bennoch Rd.

6. Turn Left on Free St.

7. Turn  right onto Stillwater Ave.

8.  Turn right on College Ave.

9. Turn left at  the Witter Farm sign  and head  towards the farm.(runners will remain  on the right side of this road)

10.Run down  to  the orange cone on the road and turn  around this cone and head back  to  College Ave.(this is only for a short  distance to  gain exact  distance for  10k).

11. There will be another orange cone and you will go  right around this cone to  head back to  the farm.

12. Take a left onto  the bike path to  the campus.

13. Take a left on the sidewalk  right pass the softball field  and running on sidewalk towards the football stadium.

14. Take a right into  the stadium  and then left onto  the track.

15. The  finish line is the 50 yard line on the home side.


Half and full marathon course:

Both  Races will start and finish in the same spot:

1. Start  will be on the UMaine track closest to the entrance to the Fieldhouse.  It  will be directly across  from  the  Memorial Rock right off of the track.

2. Runners will run counterclockwise around the track and exit the track on the right side of the Home Football Bleachers (between  the Alfond  and TKE Fraternity).

3. Runners will take a left onto College Ave and run towards the town of Orono(1.6 miles).

4. After running over the bridge and up  the hill, runners will take a right sharp  right on Bennoch Rd. at the light and travel  1.9  miles until the intersection of Stillwater and Bennoch Rd.

5. At  this light, runners will continue on Bennoch Rd.

6. Runners will stay on Bennoch Rd.  for  approximate  3 miles. At  the next intersection (Bennoch and Route 43)  runners will take a right onto  Route 43 (Gilman Falls Rd) and continue on this for 1.4 miles.

7. Runners  will take a  right onto  Veazie Street.

8. Runners will continue on Veazie until it ends. At this time runners will turn  right onto Middle ST. for 1 block.

9. At  the bottom of the hill on Middle St, runners will take a left onto  Somerset St. and run 1  block until meeting up with Center St.

10. At  this stop  sign,  runners will cross the road and get onto  6th  Street.

11. Runners will run 4 blocks  and take a right  turn onto  Perkins Ave.

12. Runners will run up  the hill on Perkins until  the intersection of  Perkins and the University  of Maine Bike Path (about .3 miles)and continue on the bike path.

13. Runners will take  at  left onto  the bike Path and start heading back  to  the University.

14. At almost 1 mile on the bike path the runners will  come to  an intersection. Take a left running down  the hill toward Witter Farm.

15. Run  for almost another .5 mile and take a right onto the Witter Farm Road.

16. This will connect back up  with  the bike path (about .2 miles and half marathon runners will take a left back onto  the bike path (heading toward University Park).

17. Instead of  taking a left, the Marathon Runners will continue on the road and run until coming to  an orange cone. Runners will around the  Cone and head back  to  the bike path.

18. Runners will run until the end of the  bike  path  and turn  right on the paved walking path “Black Bear Way” heading back  to  the football stadium.

19. Once arriving back  to  the football stadium the  runners will turn  right back into  the stadium and then  take a left onto  the track for the half and right for the full marathon. The  finish line  will be at  the 50  yard line on the home side.

20. Marathon runners will continue running on the track and exit the stadium as they had for the first loop.

21. The  finish  will be the same as the 1/2 marathon runners at  the end of the 2nd loop on the track.