The University of Maine Dance Team is a part of the Black Bear Marching Band, and provides pregame, halftime and stands entertainment during home football games. As a member of the Black Bear Marching Band you will belong to one of the most visible organizations at the University of Maine, performing for thousands of fans throughout the season.

How should I dress for my audition?
Dance clothes (leggings, form fitting tank top, leotard, dance shorts, and appropriate shoes). Hair should be pulled back out of your face.

Do I need dance experience?
Dance experience is required. Throughout the season we have little time to break down steps, and choreography needs to be learned very quickly. We are looking for dancers with strong skills and technique, but also excellent performers who are eager to learn and display a positive attitude at all times. Do not assume that a weakness in any one area will automatically disqualify you as a team member.

Do returning Dance Team members have to audition?
Yes. We believe it is very important for everyone to audition each year to avoid complacency. All returning dancers are required to re-audition.

How many members will make the team?
This number is based upon how many candidates audition, the talent level, and is up to the discretion of the coaches and band director each season. We anticipate taking around 20 members this year.

Can male dancers audition?
Yes. Auditions are open to both male and female applicants.

Where do we perform?
We perform at all home football games and special events throughout the fall semester. All team members have the option to continue performing at both men’s and women’s basketball games throughout the spring semester, and to compete at one competition.

Do we compete?
For the team to compete, the team must have a minimum of 7 team members commit to participate. We cannot promise that we will compete every year, but it will be considered on a year-to-year basis. This will be discussed and voted upon by the new chosen team and coaches each year.

Does everyone on the team compete?
Everyone that commits to participate in the competition will belong to the competition group as a competitor or alternate. Competitions have a maximum number of dancers allowed on the floor during the performance, which we must abide by.

When are practices?
During the 2024-2025 season, we had practices on Tuesday’s, 5:00-6:30pm, Thursday’s, 3:30-4:50pm, and Friday’s, 4:00-5:20pm. We also have additional Saturday morning practices once a month. We anticipate the same times for the 2023-2024 season. If the team is competing, there will be additional practices required. These practice times are TBD.

How much does it cost to participate as a member of the Dance Team?
The University of Maine Dance Team explores and pursues as many fundraising opportunities as possible, but often these events do not cover all expenses. We try to do most of our fundraising over the summer, so as not to take time away from your studies and team commitments during the school year. This list is not set in stone but does serve as a good estimator of costs for the year as a team member.

Expenses Covered by Fundraising and/or Team Members

  • UDA Camp: $195 cost of camp + $75 for one-night stay on campus, and all food
  • Competition: $25 cost of competing + $300 bus & hotel + ?? additional miscellaneous fees

Expenses Covered by Team Members

  • Uniform Accessories: $30-40 team jazz shoes + $60-80 team sneakers + $5 team earrings + $5 team hairpiece + $15 team dance tights + $60-80 team jackets.

Basic uniforms are provided (uniform top, pants, and poms).

If competing, there will be additional fees in association with the competition (travel, costumes, competition fees, etc.). These expenses vary each year, but those participating in the competition will have the opportunity to participate in fundraising activities. All fundraising activities must be approved by the coaches, as well as the Marching Band Director.

Do we practice in the summer?
No, we do not have weekly scheduled practices, however all members are required to attend our UDA Home Camp, dates TBD but expected to be at the end of July/beginning of August, and the Black Bear Marching Band’s Band Camp, one week prior to school beginning. Members may be excused from the UDA camp, if extenuating circumstances prevent you from being available, but we must be notified as soon as possible.

All members must attend our weeklong Band Camp, and no excusals will be issued. Band Camp is a very strenuous week, and it is expected that all members continue their dance training throughout the summer. We learn 90% of all routines for the season during this one-week camp, and members should be ready to handle this level of activity.

What are the general expectations if I make the team?
Be present at all practices and performances.
Serve as a representative of the University of Maine by appearing at athletic events, charitable events, and University events while upholding a positive image of the University of Maine, the University of Maine Marching Band and the University of Maine Dance Team.
Participate in fundraising events for the Dance Team.
Be a part of the Dance Team family and create once in a lifetime memories and friendships that will last forever.