Louise Bourne

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art- Painting

 Louise Bourne’s painting and ceramic tile murals hang in public and private collections throughout the united states and in the united kingdom. She received a BFA from the Portland School of Art (now Maine College of Art) and an MFA from the University of Michigan School of Art and Architecture. She has taught drawing and painting in college, university, workshop and school settings for over twenty years. “Natural light informs my work, be it in the wide open spaces and wonders of nature that I crave, or in the majestic complexities of daily life on a kitchen table. Truly looking, truly seeing, is electrifying.”

 Artist’s statement

I am interested in how color shifts in a given light condition and how those changes move through and structure a painting, similar to the way notes, chords, dynamics and tones integrate into a unique piece of music.

Science teaches how most of what constitutes a person is not so much human molecules, but water and bacteria, not so different from the surrounding air, or from the next person. I am fascinated by how similar that is to painting. Design is not about separate objects and their locations, but about the pieces of color these things and spaces divide into, and that, simultaneously, unite them.

My practice follows two bodies of work, one outdoors, one in, both awash in natural light.   The two series often combine and figures appear, addressing the interaction of interior and exterior space, subject to delights of light condition.


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